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  • MacHislopp

    Hello Atlantis, Petra and Vulcan

    thanks for the clarifies matters!

    I can add that:

    " with the measure they measured Petra it will be measured to them.."

    Hoping for the best for all of you and in particular for Petra,

    receive my warmest greeting, from me and my closest European friends


    PS A sweet picture of Petra

  • LV101

    ATLANTIS -- what a beautiful doll baby! Best to you and Petra and appreciate all the docs/info your family has worked so hard to provide. I don't know how Petra did it - very kind and giving.

    Petra has an adorable personality - of course she'll be missed but time she does what's best for her.

    LongHairGal - "godawful"/lol doesn't even come close! The cult hole depressed me within couple wks/oh my!

    Anna Marina - WELL SAID!

    Atlantis/Petra - you keep care and YOU DO YOU!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Dear Atlantis, Petra, Vulcan;

    Thanks big time for the clarification.

    Totally understandable. What the JW's put children through, or just the members in general is just beyond deplorable. Disgusting. The way their JW children are isolated like having to sit in the principals' office while the class eats birthday cake or Xmas goodies, just a horrible childhood. Being rejected by classmates for being JW. Or being rejected by fellow JW's for not looking the part ""not measuring-up''' or ''doing enough''. Yes, I know all those years of isolation from a young age, well it probably adds up.

    All it can take sometimes is just some 'ungrateful' or 'distasteful' remark after such a dreadful childhood, well....

    Again, thanks for the explanation.

    And Season's Greetings to Atlantis, Petra, Vulcan.

  • Atlantis

    Thank you all so very much for your kind and loving comments.

    Petra will be living on a farm in Switzerland with relatives. Everything

    around her will accept her and will not shun her.

    And most importantly, she will have a family there to support her.

    In my opinion, family is everything! The binding tie in all of our lives.


  • millie210

    Here is how I see Petra:

  • Atlantis


    That is so brilliant, it's lighting up my whole living room.

    Thank you for being such a kind person.


  • BluesBrother

    Atlantis, old friend.

    I am so sorry to read of Petra's troubles... Depression is a swine and many of us ,including myself have been struck by it at times. I can empathize, although I would not be so trite as to say that I understand.

    Please reassure her that she is respected and loved on here for the stirling work that she does in assisting you to provide these valuable documents to us .(Incidentally, I read any comment about the documents as being a criticism of the publisher - the WTS - not yourselves by any means. )

    Anyway , I hope she is better soon and back to her old self sending stuff to us.

    Please give her a virtual hug from this old fool in England.

  • Atlantis

    Yes Blues, I will make sure she gets your message.

    Rest assured that ALL of you are SUPER HEROES

    in her eyes. You are all she ever wanted to be.

    You just don't realize how important you really are

    in the eyes of someone else.

    There is no other person on the face of this earth

    that is quite like YOU!

    That is what she saw in everyone here.


  • waton

    living in the Alps? Climb every mountain! Petra, one rock climbing the other!

  • Atlantis


    Yes, one day at a time and one mountain at a time. I think all of us know the routine, because all of us have hit rock bottom at one time or another. With a little support, that

    little lady will be beaming with energy again.


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