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  • Atlantis

    You Are Her Everything!

    You Are What She Wanted To Be!

    Please, let us remove any blame to anyone right up front. What happened to Petra was not the fault of Mark O'Donnell, Listener, Corney, Mike and Kim, or anyone else.

    Constant rejection and shunning even at an early age, the depression was storing up inside of her. She was shunned inside the Hall and outside the Hall. The kids at school wanted nothing to do with her because she did not take part in their Christmas parties, or attend birthday parties.

    But, in her last post, she felt she made a terrible error and posted useless documents. She blamed herself, and the last thread holding her up broke, and all the stored depression flooded in on her and she fell into that dark hole of depression and went into shock.

    And when you get down and depressed, just remember there is a tiny little girl looking up at you, with piercing eyes, and beautiful blonde hair, who is saying to you: It will be Ok, cause I Love You!

    Atlantis! ( grandpa ).

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    We feel so bad that this happened.

    Love you Petra

  • Bobcat

    Thanks "grandpa" for enlightening us. It's good Petra has you to lean on. Take care, both of you.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Thanks and take care .

    Maybe in time we can all enjoy Petra's coffee and cakes again .

  • nowwhat?

    Wow that's so sad. Thanks for sharing

  • Biahi

    Much love to Petra! Please be welll. We love you here. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Petra you have got to know how precious and loved you are. People have been so happy to receive the documents you have made available whether they are useful to them or not.

    And your humour along with your goreous hair is utterly delightful. No one wants to see that go or see the smile on your face drop.

    Even if you feel you have made a mistake, would you like to look at my list of mistakes? Sometimes I feel that if there were only 3 words I could ever use, 'yes', 'no' and 'sorry', sorry is the word I would use most often.

    (Psalm 130:3) . . .If errors were what you watch, O Jah, O Jehovah, who could stand?

    I couldn't. But I do and so do you... because your are loved more than you'll ever know.

    Now I've made you a frothy coffee and you have a choice of donuts.

  • LongHairGal


    I am sorry that Petra suffers from depression from her childhood experience as a JW.

    I was not raised in that godawful religion so I cannot imagine. I came in as a young working adult and faced shunning because I refused to quit my job. But I was an adult so maybe itโ€™s worse when you are in formative years to face this adversity!

    Even though I was never a recipient of those documents..(since I have no real interest in the religion), other people are and I can see how much it meant to them. I wish her all the best even if this was too much for her and she needs to move on.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Oh and incidentally Petra - if this document that might be worthless is the one tied up with water rights... well when i heard that I thought 'oooh.'

    We have been chatting about it over here

    Selling Water Rights - Discuss The Truth

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Even though I was never a recipient of those documents..(since I have no real interest in the religion)

    Same with me.

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