As a YOUNG loyal JW, did you think you would see you're 60th birthday ?

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  • mouthy

    Melanie my daughter was told by the elders she would never go to kindergarten.She died at 42.yrs

    Alan was told ( he shouldnt laugh at the JWS- he used to take the mickey) because he would not live to see 21yrs -he died at 46yrs. Annmarie was told ( she is still a JW) she would never have to work again -only in the NEW World after 1975- She is still banging on doors & working- it is 2003 -she is 57yrs. I was going to be young again after we had cleaned up the earth -took 7 years to get rid of the armaments..... then I would grow back to my young, beautiful,slim figure , HEY!!!!!!! Bethel what happened ??????? I am 76 wrinkled! bent out of shape.

    Well I knew you were false prophets when you said I would be beautiful again --- see I never was in the first place so you goofed AGAIN!!!!!!

  • aarque

    I turned 50 in July. A few days before, while talking with my mom (active JW) on the phone, she mentioned my age. I blurted out to her that I wasn't supposed to be this old. She sighed, and talked of things that "weren't supposed to happen" because of the end being so close, but she had no explanation for me...and no excuses, either. It was kind of sad that Mom, who has been a JW for more than 50 years, didn't have any answers.

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