As a YOUNG loyal JW, did you think you would see you're 60th birthday ?

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  • RunningMan

    My mother always told me that I would never go to school in this old system of things. Well, my son is now in grade 11.

    My biggest concern as I was a teenager, was that I would never have sex. I was hoping that the big A would hold out long enough for me to have the big O. I was always told that in the new system, resurrected people will not get married (they will be like the angels), and the other ones would be allowed to reproduce in the order of their spirituality (pioneers, etc. first). So, the likelihood of the earth being filled by the time my turn came around was pretty small.

    Fortunately, Armageddon held off.

  • integ


  • c5

    We were told that the end was so near, we would never get into elemetary school before armageddon. Then it was high school. Then it was before we would move out of the house, get married, and have children etc etc etc.

    I remember the bold urgency of my associates and family. I think we all played off of it so that we could have something to look forward to since the current jw life was very difficult. I remember getting "chills" just thinking about how soon the paradise would be.

    Those feelings are long gone since even way before my exodus from the org. The urgency of the jw's took a huge downturn after the "this generation" changes in the mid 90's. I went through some personal depression of having that world view changed. The urgency was gone. This played a HUGE part in my doubts.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Funny you should ask....not even as an older, loyal jdub did I ever wonder whether I would reach my 60th....

    Frannie B

  • dmouse

    My Bro-in-law is still a loyal elder. Everytime he buys a 'new' clapped out car he always says the same thing 'Ah well, it will last me till armageddon.'

    It was annoying the first dozen times and it still is.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    congrats dmouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1000 jedi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dmouse

    Aw shucks! Thanks RDW

    But look how long it took me, compared to Frannie B making master in only 21 days!

  • Red Witch
    Red Witch

    No way!!! I wasn't going past 25 in 1975. It was my understanding that we would all stop aging as adults. The children would grow up and the oldies would get younger. It majorly stressed me out that at 25 I'd be too old already to enjoy all the wonderful things about the "new world".

    Got baptized at 16 just to make sure I had that under my belt by 1975 to help guarantee I'd make it through. 16 was then considered the age of recognition in the org and if you sat on the fence then, there was most likely something wrong with your heart.

    I still do not accept that the years are going by, so......I stay 27, the age I left the unhappiness of being a "good Jw".

    Why would a loving war god mislead his faithfull and discreet slave and allow them in turn to make false promises??? ahhhhh the disappointment of it all............................

  • wannaexit

    I didin't think I would see my 16th birthday in this system or get married or have kids or grow old .

    Well 16 came and went. I been married for many years and my kid is almost a teenager and I am growing old.

    I'll probably see 60 and I hope that by that time wt will be a thing of the past.

  • teejay


    I remember the Impossible To Lie book and the urgency of the preaching work during the late sixties. I also remember telling my "worldly" girlfriend that, if she didn't listen to me that she wouldn't live much past the 10th grade, and being very serious about it. For some reason, she thought I was crazy. I thought *she* was.

    The 1990s were way, waaay out there but fifteen years passed quickly. Then Prince sang about 1999 and the Friends(tm) wondered how life could possibly go much further than that. And yet, here we are... just rollin' along.

    As a kid, it didn't phase me when 75 came and went. I stayed loyal for almost another 20 years and wasted the best part of my life. What a doofus.

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