The slow trickle has become a steady stream!

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  • millie210

    Just a comment on "the Halls are packed" concept...

    The last time I went, the Hall here locally had lots of cars in the parking lot. I went in and their were lots and lots of empty seats. The Hall was less than half full.

    If a family or a couple come in one car, a packed parking lot equals a full Hall.

    If each car is being driven by one person, that creates a different scenerio.

  • NeverKnew

    In the KH I've visited, it seems that many families are going in different directions afterwards and therefore come in separate cars.

    Packed? Not... at... all. Plenty of seats everywhere.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Lot of JWs disguised as empty seats.
  • greenhornet
    After my doctor prescribe Flo Max. My slow trickle has become a steady stream. I feel better.
  • NeverKnew

    Beth Sarim

    I'm sorry... Was laughing and hit dislike instead of like. 😀

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    As Aude Sapere says the attendance relates to the downsized congregations consolidated into fewer Kingdom Hells.

    The stream increasing from a trickle refers to new people posting on this site, which is not necessarily a decline in JW numbers. Even if they were still leaving at the same rate as before; there are fewer baptized and even much fewer still joining from the outside to replace those departing.

    I wonder however that in among the increase here, there might be one or two posting to test the resilience and effectiveness of this site. JWHQ would be interested in what we say to counter their propaganda so as to configure a response.

    I'm thinking of posters like InsidetheKH for example.

  • Vidiot

    elderNewton - "I can't help but wonder if the cult is just evolving to the point that all you get is really in people..."

    I've been saying for years now that the higher-ups - on some level - want to prune the R&F down to just hard-core loyalists, and that virtually everything they've done has - among other things - had that goal in mind (either subconsciously or otherwise).

    Nothing I've seen since has convinced me otherwise.

    elderNewton - "...soon all that will be left is just the uber dub's. Which is really all the GB want."

    I guarantee you that by then, the Org and the JWs will look so batshit crazy, virtually no one will want to join up.

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