The slow trickle has become a steady stream!

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  • Makemeanunbeliever
    50% curved fruit - The GB will say it's a sign of the times.

    It's a sign that the GB are being seen as insane bozos by those they seek to control. Death penalty for the GB please!

    Oh boy words like that will really motivate "lurkers". Geesh
  • done4good

    Although mostly anecdotal, it certainly does appear a tipping point has been reached. Much of what I am hearing, (and I am quite far removed from the JW scene, so my data on this is very limited, admittedly), has finally brought me to a point where I no longer trust the numbers the society is printing. I have held off a long time from saying that, however I now would say that they are spinning the numbers positive anyway possible. They have a lot of latitude to do so, since the way they account for members is far from any standard any other religion uses. For example, since no one really knows if by "publishers" the WTS refers to baptized only, or unbaptized publishers as well, this could easily be an area they adjust behind the scenes and no one would be the wiser. There are many other "tweaks" they can perform to the accounting process that would also allow them to spin things positive for a while.

    It seems most "normal" JWs left are extremely apathetic, or awake but leading double lives for family reasons. Many of the latter group are too scared of the consequences, (and there are consequences), to come forward openly. I think this is a much larger group than most people realize.

    As far as the apathetic go, this is a very large group that can be pushed mentally out given sufficient reason. This was me for several years before I left, so I know first hand apathy is almost always the first step to becoming mentally free for most. I know a former congregation I attended has lost about 33% of its membership over the last 20 years, and mostly only the very apathetic, (apart from a few kooks, I am sure), are left.

    That only leaves the mentally/emotionally unstable left. Long term, this brain drain will kill the WTS. The pace of decline is accelerating rapidly. This is consistent with a critical mass or tipping point being reached. Time will tell how long it takes.


  • Lostandfound

    TheListener spot on with middle management(who do all the work) reduced it is only a matter of time

  • macys
    The JWbroadcasting will be the downfall of the JDub cult. It will cause people to do outside research and fact checking. It will prove the GB members to be liars. That is it.
  • OneEyedJoe
    The slow trickle has become a steady stream!

    The org must be on some new prostate meds.

    In all seriousness, it seems to me that this happens in waves, at least for the ~2 years I've been on the forum. Its possible that someone posting an introduction might move a few lurkers to do the same. It's also possible that it's just the streaks that occur in any random distribution. For as long as I've been here there'd be a period with no new posters, then you'd get 3 or 4 all at once and then someone posts a thread like this. Then the cycle repeats.

    That's not to say the org hasn't reached a tipping point or that people aren't leaving more....I just don't see any evidence based on the tremendously small sample size of this forum seeing a few new members.

  • WingCommander
    I think one thing of note, is that is finally sinking in that we are now PAST the year 2014. It's now 2016, and we are waaaaay past the 100 years of 1914, with nothing to show for it except Caleb and Sophia, the singing cart, and Lett the Clown begging for more money. Oh, and graves. The "generation" who saw the promises of 1975, and the May 1984 WatchTower & Awake! covers are now old enough to see their parents have died, and no Paradise Earth in site. In fact. the King of the North is no where to be heard, much less seen!!! So do tell, besides the near constant push for more $$$$$, what exactly is the urgency for the Great Tribulation? There is none, ZERO. It's all about "stay away from the big bad internet, stay away from Apostates, and send us your money, ALL of it!!!"
  • MarkofCane

    The Watchtower might be sowing seeds of mistrust but what's new, they have been instilling Fear, Guilt and Suspicion of others for as long as i can remember. We just had our CO visit and wow, I will just say extreme, everything is geared towards end time paranoia, don't trust the strangers voice(apostates) also the New's outlets are controlled by Satan don't believe what you hear on TV or the internet, only listen to the shepherds voice, be submissive to God arrangement. Blah, blah, blah.

    He said "anyone who says the end hasn't come, it wont come in my lifetime is apostasy". To even think it is "enemy of truth". Oh Brother talk about mind control, a few years ago I would of been squeezing my wife's hand and nodding in agreement looking for the stranger among us.What a delusional bunch we were, now I see it for what it is complete bullshit.

    As far as the Watchtower sending spy's here or to other websites to out Elder's or others that have escaped their mental bonds, I say let them. They will have to send mature Brothers; MS or Elders to come take a look and If there honest they will have to deal with the conundrum or as we refer to it TTATT.

    Last I would like to welcome all the new posters, there are to many to name, and a lot of Elders & MS. If your honest the road ahead is clear your journey is long but the destination is mental freedom, freedom does not come cheap.

    If your married, as I am, know I feel your struggle and the anguish and helplessness of not being able to reach the person you love, the only person who really new you, the person you have shared everything with, tears and pain with. The person you choose as well because they where sincere Christian of Jehovah's witnesses, the future you would share in a perfect world, perfect children, rebuilding a earth paradise. Now you are the stranger, they look at you with disappointment their life shattered, ruined there dream gone because of you. You cant replace there utopia all you have is reason and truth. So I share this, with pain in my heart but I know I am not alone and I'm not the cause of so much disappointment that I have brought into my life and marriage, knowing the "truth about the truth" has been difficult but necessary, liberating. I look forward to the next five years when we will be over the hump, kids will be out and my wife, well we will see. I just spend as much time with the family and try to teach them about the beauty of life.


  • SafeAtHome
    I commented on this a few days ago, particularly because I noticed so many new ones from my area, northeast Ohio. Yes, it would be interesting if SIMON could give us some stats on this.
  • mrquik
    No organization can continuously lose qualified management people & survive. Yet this is what the GB will have to deal with. It's a double edged sword. You have to be intelligent enough to lead which means you're also smart & perceptive enough to realize it's just another manmade religion. That paradox will slowly drain this cult of leadership. Just look at the current clowns they have running this show. If the GB boys were smart, they would grab their collective golden parachutes & bail from this burning wreck.
  • DesirousOfChange

    JWs are dropping like flies.

    Don't you know there is a sifting taking place by Jehovah?

    Must be a really big "sifter" that He is using, considering all the new members we have here! [Waving HI! to Newbies]

    Image result for sieve with big holes


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