New Video Series On Courtship May Open Some Eyes

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  • dozy

    What puzzled me about the video was that there was no suggestion that the "sister" should actually speak to the guy & discuss the one or two things that annoyed her ( such as him watching sport on TV. ) It was basically - dump the guy because he is not spiritual enough ( or doesn't "love Jehovah as much as she thinks she does" as per the final scene). Does she give any thought to the fact that she might have some aspects of her personality that might annoy him but that he has chosen to overlook or hasn't made an issue of them? Obviously not.

    As someone who once dated a JW woman who was like this for a few months , I think the guy has had a lucky break. A high maintenance woman ( or man ) like that is a nightmare - saw a few of those when I was a JW & all in unhappy marriages.

    There is also the premise that a few years later she can find another guy. There are lots of JW women in their late 20's / 30's who hung around hoping to find a supposedly more spiritual guy & found themselves unable to find anyone ( or end up with Brother Loser that nobody else wanted. ). It's a numbers game & with the ratio 40M/60F or even worse then it's a huge gamble to be so picky.

  • sparky1

    Ain't life grand! She found her SPIRITUAL SOULMATE...................

  • Vidiot

    I think it's funny that they list all these "spiritual" aspects as the criteria for selecting a "marriage mate", and act like physical attraction and common mundane interests don't even exist.

    They make it sound (to me, at least) like animal husbandry.

    You almost wonder if, deep down, they want the membership to have lousy relationships.


  • sir82

    Yeah, why hasn't she moved out on her own by now?

    In WT-world, a woman living on her own is a wanton vixen, bound for fornication and depravity.

    A woman should live with her parents until she is married. That's the "Leave it to Beaver" mentality of the GB.

  • blondie

    I did not live at home until I married but I did always have at least one jw sister roommate to help share the expenses....regular pioneering, is not easy living on your own. There are several pioneer sisters now that live on their own having inherited some money from family. I know of sisters that moved to where the need is great, without their parents though they did have at least one jw female roommate.

  • Freeandclear

    So glad I'm out of this cult. I was very interested in an ultra-spiritual JW woman for a while. Very much in lust/love/like with her. IE. Totally infatuated. I never did approach her though. I was a very spiritual guy when I was in but she seemed so much higher than me that I couldn't bring myself to hardly even talk to her, except in service.

    Looking back I'm so glad that it worked out the way it did. I would no doubt have been unhappy with her and eventually divorced. As I've grown farther and farther away from the mind control of the cult I'm starting to realize that marriage isn't for everyone. I enjoy being alone and having my time to myself. There is only one thing that makes me seek the company of women and I won't spell that out. I do enjoy women as friends and I have a lot of them, but just one, for the rest of my life? Nah....can't see that working out.

  • Fisherman


    That ain't normal. Everyone looks for mate to be able to live with. The female in the vid has different goals than the first guy and would just nag him or would not be happy in the marriage. He wouldn't be happy either.

    No one is saying that she is marrying material at all for you (or for me) but there is somebody JW out there that is a match for her. IT is about finding the right person. Just because someone is "spiritual' don't mean it is the right person to marry either.

  • Chook

    In Saudi Arabia they have religious police in the watchtower they have elders and They both perform the same duties . Some of the only things these couples having common is the church and if one no longer believes in the church then sometimes there is zero in common . The whole subject of courting is similar to the birds the male birds of show offs and young males are no different .

  • Sliced

    My favorite part was when it was summarized by the GB helper--- "Did you notice how the sister compared marriage to that of a building project?" Count the cost before you do it??? WELL WELL WELL... look who's calling the kettle black??? HELLO??? "There seems to be more money going out then there is coming in..."

    This GB 2.0 are the worst hypocrites ever!

  • Vidiot

    Oh, yeah; marriage is like a "building project"...

    ...follow the blueprints, pass the inspections, and you get to live in it.

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