New Video Series On Courtship May Open Some Eyes

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  • phats

    Second guy looks like an ugly fucker & probably crap in bed so so she's really missed out there. Hah.

    Phats out.

  • ttdtt

    Its so sad, what kind of jerk is that guy?

    Imagine what kind of a GUY would want to catch an important sport event?
    Really after washing the dishes he should devote himself to prayer.

    And it is hard to imagine what was going through that dear sisters mind.

    Sure she lives in a mansion - sure she seems to have lived her live wanting for nothing - sure her parents probably have multiple cars that match the type of lifestyle their home depicts (Mercedes), but let's get real - what kind of young man is interested in cars and soccer and basketball? I have never met one, have you?

    Surely Jesus didnt watch soccer nor look online for a cool BMW.

    She was right to dump him and wait for someone who is only going to be devoted to an imaginary god.

    Life will be so great for her now!

    It was SOOOO BALANCED for the brother to let us know that we should not expect PERFECTION in a marriage mate. So True!

  • JWdaughter

    Shane realised he had a close call! He saw the hypocrisy of it all and accepted a job transfer out of town and faded out of the organisation.

  • FedUpJW

    I doubt any eyes will be opened as a result of this idiotic propaganda clip.

    I did notice that a man watching sports is bad, you should be washing dishes with the women. And yes, I did my share of that growing up, it was good training for later. Looking at a vehicle that would be reliable, have a warranty for any unforeseen repairs, thus freeing up valuable time for the oh so important sit on your ass cart work is bad, but having a mansion and the best of appliances and gadgets by the parents is good.

    I also noticed that the future husband is in the normal JDub manner a total whipped looking wimp. Why are less than indoctrinated JW's always good looking and the fully brainwashed JDub men with pretty fair looking wives look like the typical zit faced nerd in junior high school?

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    as usual, a well balanced video...

    watching basket ball and buying a BMW are worldy and bad things!

  • Saename

    The only negative thing about this guy that I saw was being on a phone during the meal... And even that is debatable. In reality, it would probably happen only once at a time during some very important event.

    And watching basketball and cars? Well, if a girl thinks a guy shouldn't have hobbies then she isn't ready for a serious relationship... (Same goes for guys; if a guy thinks a girl shouldn't have hobbies he also is too immature.)

    Having that said, I don't see any reason to break off the relationship... God, this cult is so embarrassing...


    New Video Series On Courtship

    Everything is going great but then she starts noticing some troubling things about this Brother. Instead of eating dinner with the family he would rather watch a sporting event, the horror! Plus, he wants to foolishly spend money on his car instead of pioneering!

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  • Tallon

    I'm with Saename on this one; the only negative was the guy using his phone whilst the family were enjoying a meal. A quiet word to put the phone away would be all that is needed.

    Other than that, what is wrong with watching sports or looking to buy a decent reliable car?

  • snugglebunny

    LOL.. love it when she says that she didn't think their goals were the same anymore...he was watching a soccer match at the time and I never saw 1 goal...

  • freddo

    The good news is that the GB are utterly, utterly, utterly out of touch.

    They show a Spanish family, dubbed with some northern English accented girl's voice - "Eeeeh! Ecky thump! Micky wants a Beemer! Not on yer nelly as 'eck as like!"

    The girl is portrayed as living - as pointed out - in a house that only 10% of the world's population can dream of and is concerned about the lad's "materialism"!

    Perhaps if he aspired to be on the GB and buy a lakeside apartment in upstate New York, have a big comfy office chair and a shiny TV studio from which to beam patronising sugary drivel to 8 million minions then she'd see his true spiritual worth.

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