New Video Series On Courtship May Open Some Eyes

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  • blondie

    What spiritual brother who works part-time at a crap job, be able to provide her the life she has at home provided by daddy?

    I know a sister that picked a brother to pursue that had a rich jw fathert only to find out that the son was a lazy lay about like her. Both sets of parents are still alive and supporting them in the life they did not have at home but crabbing about it to their social circle.

    Or the elders who told a sister that a brother in a nearby congregation was a good catch but she contacted me as well and told her that he was a pedophile, and the elders knew it. She had 2 small children, ended the "romance" and wondered why the elders had not told her the truth.

    So the elders will not tell you who is a good catch or a really bad one.

  • sparrowdown

    This is really just advertising for older single elders wanting a "spiritual"😉 sugar babe.

  • BlackWolf

    This woman was too selfish and immature to marry a decent guy, he deserves better. She's an embarrassment to jw women everywhere. A lot of guys like sports and cars, his life doesn't revolve around you all the time. This was a pain to watch and unrealistic, along with every other jw video ever made.

  • Fisherman

    Vid is not only about that choosing a spiritual mate is better but that one should choose a mate with same goals in life, in JW case, one that wants full time service- if that is also what you want to do. This vid shows that the first guy was into himself. When a man chooses a woman, she becomes the object of all of his attention (at least prior to the marriage) and he becomes devoted to her bringing her pleasure and joy and giving her all of his attention. The first guy was shown not to be like that. The second guy was shown to be taller (bigger and thus better!) The moral of the story is: do not settle for something that you may not want later on, wait and you could find a better catch -difficult in deed for some jw females to catch any mate at all.

  • Finkelstein

    This video comes off like an attempt to belittle marriage all together instead one should put kingdom interests first like pioneering or serving at branches where most females are regulated to cooking and cleaning duties.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Blatant attempt to keep women single and pioneering. No wonder so many women never marry

  • 2+2=5

    Never trust a man who doesn't like sport.

  • pale.emperor

    Im so glad im a not JW anymore. This is not a healthy relationship at all. She'd be hell of earth to live with (in fact i dated someone very much like her for 3 years when i was younger).

    As for him, he's also not someone i would want to be around. One of those Jdubs that are into sports and Jehovah and have nothing else about them worth talking about.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    This sugared idealism might have worked half a century ago but the levels of social awareness have changed. Cults always are interested in controlling the sex activities of their followers.

    I admit I couldn't suffer more than a few minutes of this bilge.

    Make it more difficult for sisters to that the subtext? As Never a JW said; it would make for more celibate female pioneers..........Nah! better still just leave the organisation and get a real life.

  • hoser

    The sister in the video is not good marriage material. She looks like a middle class entitled white girl.

    She did the first guy a favour by dumping him. She is probably high maintainence.

    A jw friend of mine(now ex jw) was married to a needy bitch like that. He couldn't win. She would complain about him not earning enough and when he would pick up some jobs on the side complain that he was neglecting her and not doing enough "spiritually"

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