London fire..

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  • zeb

    I bleed for the poor souls caught in that. No sprinkler system in that domestic building..!

    Tragically the govts various of London learned nothing during the world war.

  • cofty

    Horrendous! The official figure is 12 dead at the moment but that will rise considerably when it is possible to start a room by room search. Over 600 people lived in the block.

    It seems like the fire spread via the new external thermal cladding.

  • pale.emperor

    Awful. Just awful. They were throwing their children out of the windows in the hope that people would catch them below. Imagine being in that position, that's a last resort that you'd hope you'd never have to take.

    One mother fled her apt with her 6 children, and when she got to the bottom there were only 4 with her. I cant imagine the pain and greif these people are going through.

    I was very impressed and proud of the everyday citizens donating food, water and clothes and organizing shelter. A far cry from what i was told "the world" was like.

    From what i understand the heat inside the twin towers reached astronomical levels due to the sheer hight and space for the hot air to move around inside that weakened girders. But, im no structural engineer.

  • stuckinarut2

    Heartbreaking indeed!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I don't think this thread should be hi-jacked by 9/11 conspiracy theorists. The issues here are the awful realities that the survivors and their families face, the wonderful way the community have opened their homes and hearts and offered their meagre resources. The horror of the way in which the victims met their end can only be imagined.

    The woeful lapses in fire safety practices in the UK, and the apparent complacency shown by those making the decisions is stunning. The insulation has been described by one building expert as fire-lighter material protected by aluminium foil. Nobody in authority is saying this for reasons that are obvious but the facts scream out. The cladding went up like a firework, the building was a time bomb.

    The implications are enormous for the UK. This method of insulation is common practice on high rise housing allover the UK. The pressure on housing is already huge and if multiple high rise blocks are declared unsafe, the consequences will be massive.

  • tiki

    This is so awful...and so sad for the victims. Of it was structural fault I hope the builders, engineers, responsible parties fix any other structures with these issues to avert further disasters. Can't believe no sprinkler systems...that is insane.

  • Simon

    The 9/11 conspiracy nuttery has been removed. Imagine the mindset of someone who sees a tragedy like this as an opportunity to push their nonsense and registers just to post that crap? Incredible.

    It's sad that the purpose of the cladding seems to have been aesthetic as much as anything - to improve the appearance and make it look more modern as well as to check a box for energy conservation / environmental impact ... with little regard to fire safety (a quick search shows other tower-block fires worldwide blamed on the material).

    We still have to wait for the official investigation results though.

  • stuckinarut2

    The outpouring of community support from people of all backgrounds, races, religions etc is wonderful!

    How all these "worldly" people can be so loving is mind blowing! Witnesses tell us that no one in the world is selfless.

    I bet the only thing witnesses will do is set up a literature cart nearby!

  • pale.emperor

    Taken from the Telegraph website. I'll never underestimate everyday people. The community all working together distributing donated food.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Even worse is that this predicated to have occurred given the state of the building and the apparent owners neglect...

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