What should I visit while in New York

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  • WingCommander

    The Met, The Guggenheim, 9/11 Memorial / Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. The Central Park Zoo is a nice walk-thru.

    Hungry? Then you'd better eat at Carmine's in Times Square, which is an incredible Italian eatery with family style (large plates to pass around your table) serving.

    Honestly, I've been to NYC plenty of times as I only live 3 hours away. NYC is NOT my favourite US city. I'd much rather visit the much more interesting Chicago, Washington DC, etc.

  • freemindfade

    WingCommander you are breaking my heart, I thought we had so much in common lol.

    NYC is my favorite city!

    If you don't mind spending the cash* and taking a trip, if you want a real italian food experience, go to Don Pepe's in ozone park queens, lots of friends of mine are there, and that is an experience you can write home about

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Empire State Building and one or two Italian restaurants.

    They serve food in huge portions in the US (great for someone with a huge appetite like myself).

    You might want to share portions with your friends, but the food is great!

  • ShirleyW

    Since I've lived here everyday of my life I don't know what to say accept for the usual overcharged tourist traps, umm I mean attractions. Perhaps you can explore some things in the other boroughs instead of sticking to Manhattan. My borough of Queens has the best Chinatown, better than the one in Manhattan, it's been featured by Anthony Bourdan and Andrew Zimmern on their shows. I'm there at least once a week for some real authentic takeout, but of course you don't have to do takeout.

  • scotsman

    Have a drink at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central.

    And Walter de Maria's Earth Room on Wooster Street is pleasingly bizarre.

  • Lieu
    WTC and a must second, the modern museum of art. Nothing like it. The Bronx third, for outstanding food. Grenwhich village, just for fun. Take a carriage ride through Central Park.
  • LV101

    It's an amazing place and they've touched on about everything I can think of except the famous Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman just in case you need a nice bottle of cologne/fragance/gift or materialism for the soul.

    St. Patrick Cathedral where many of the rich/famous have married. If you have time take in a Broadway show. The delis are wonderful - I think one of the old famous is Carnegie Street -- it's good but not my fav -- some great, handmade chocolates at Lilacs - even available at the train station. Gus' Pickles - used to be delicious if you're watching your weight and need a snack.

    I could live there -- love the place.

  • myelaine

    I've always wanted to see Bergdorf Goodman's in the evening, to check out the window displays. (free)

  • WingCommander

    Sorry Freemindfade, NYC doesn't really do anything for me. I've been all over the world, NYC is a toilet bowl, and it's a whole lot cleaner than it was in say 1986. (Times Square sex shops, anyone?) Don't worry, I hate Baltimore and Philly even more. They are cesspools. Now Pittsburgh? There's a true gem. It de-greased itself and it's image of being a dirty steel town, and is now a clean, thriving, artistic, cultural, modern, tech-savy city. I'd much rather live there.

  • freemindfade

    But its my toilet bowl! lol

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