Little Thought for Lurkers, oringinal sin?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    "Mens rea!! How could I get that! I always use condoms!"

    -Gene Wilder.

  • Perry
    They knew it was wrong (and deadly) because God told them so. That is the point.
  • freemindfade

    I believe the insight book states sin originated in heaven with Satan. Not Adam and eve.

    Which actually brings up a lot of other issues

  • truthlover123


    Insight Book may say that but - Jehovah put a cherub in the Garden to oversee it - hence Satan -- Ezekiel 28 refers to King of Tyre and also The cherub that walked on the holy mountain covered in precious stones who was beautiful.... Interesting chapter

    So apparently he could not have been bad in heaven or he would not have been given that position on earth.

  • prologos

    truthlover123 So apparently he could not have been bad in heaven or he would not have been given that position on earth.

    no problem with the story there, the "disappointment aka sin" could have come after he was appointed over the earth too. So: we can't shake that domitnation, there is still he "throne of satan" according to the wtBtS inc doctrine, the authority given to the devil by Jehovah, now more focussed since the 1914 immigration of him into the Earth.

  • smiddy

    If Adam & Eve were created perfect , doesn`t it make more sense they would have eaten from the tree of life first ? before eating the tree of knowledge of good and bad ?

    Once they had done that , Eaten of the tree of life , then they could have eaten from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad .

    For perfect human beings they weren`t to bright were they.?


  • Dunedain

    The narrative, itself, kinda gives the impression that, at a minimum, Eve and probably Adam, werent around for that long, before Satan tempted them. Therefore, it always seemed to me, that although they were "perfect", they were mentally almost like children. They would have had hardly any life experience, and would have been like 2 elementary school aged "persons", walking around the garden.

    They would have been "easy prey" for Satan. I dont know, of course, but its just my 2 cents, and it always seemed kinda unfair to me. Unfair, in the sense, that these 2 humans, whether perfect or not, were merely "children", in the big scheme of things. What chance would they have had against a spirit creature, who was cunning, and able to physically and mentally "deceive" them. Mind you, this was a being who was, supposedly, alive for billions of years, many times in the very presence of God, himself. A creature, of authority, even amongst creatures that are a much higher intelligence than a perfect mere human.

    Yet God had no problem, with essentially letting this creature, deceive us, and horribly so, to the point of bringing our whole, intelligent species forever changed by death. Again, i ask, what chance did we have? Especially against the magical, shape shifting, powers, of a highly advanced, spirit creature, that has billions of years experience, and is hell bent on fucking with us.

    We were a "newborn" of creation, barely around for any measure of time, in comparision to the universe. Yet God, is supposed to be a LOVING FATHER, well what kind of Father would even allow any predatory, intelligent being, to even come close enough to his latest, fragile, freshly created humans. Not only did he let the predator close enough to harm us, he LET IT HARM US, and to the point that NONE of us have had a chance. Again, what chance did we have.

    Yet, to blow all our minds, if it DID NOT happen, then NONE of us here, on this message board, would have ever been born to even discuss this, in the first place. MIND BLOWN!!!!!!

  • prologos

    smiddy: they would have eaten from the tree of life first ? before eating the tree of knowledge of good and bad ?

    The Tree of Life likely was part of their monthly diet, a spice, supplement; think of the 12 harvests of the trees on the river in New Jerusalem of Revelation 21/22. Wt writers teach that "one day Jehovah might have shown them the tree of life", but they probably knew it very well, that is why the way was blocked until it's flooding. so:

    A-dam & Eve were perfect, therefore dying like all creation, (even stars died, so that we can live). perfect= mortal, normal.; that is why they needed the tree of life to extend their time beyond normal. The fantastic 900+ year lifespans were due to the residual effect of the monthly shot of tree of life juice. --damn those swords, beat them into plowshares!

    The wolf in red riding hood talked too. where is evolution when we need it? the breeding success of those talking animals?.

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