Little Thought for Lurkers, oringinal sin?

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  • Diogenesister

    Just one little thought....adam & eve ate the fruit from the tree "of the knowledge of good & evil" other words, before they ate they did not know right from wrong...hmmmm so how can you blame someone who does not know right from wrong?

    For a crime to take place in human law you must have the act - 'actus reus' - and the guilty mind or 'mens rea' as it is termed. No guilty mind, no crime, despite the act having taken place, as in the case of a young child for example.

    How could they have a guilty mind before they knew right from wrong.

    Surely we humans cannot be more just than God, can we?!!

  • prologos
    since they were supposed to have been made in God's image and he must have had an idea in mind about good and bad, why did they even have to eat the fruit to gain that knowledge? and why would the fruit or the result be forbidden when you need to know what is good or not to make it? And why would you need a tree of life if you were created perfect without the possibility of dying ? (for God does not die)?
  • Warren Wilson
    Warren Wilson
    That'll be the old "free will" cop-out.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This is one of the ''hypocritical natured'' understandings of the Borg. Agreed, where they will argue about ''free will'' so to speak.
  • Simon

    Funny how god could guard the tree of life with a flaming sword (and also invented swords) but left the tree that would apparently kill them totally unguarded.

    Such a loving god.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Diogenesister your reasoning is true. But would even a child listen to a talking snake...let alone believe it?


    .............The Original Sin..


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  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight
    There's actually 22 beers in that fridge!
  • Diogenesister
    ha hadark knight you desparado, you counted them!!Here have one on me!🍻
  • Vidiot
    All academic, IMO, since the Genesis creation narrative can't be literal history.

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