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  • ScenicViewer

    You go to a church, which tells you NOTHING of what the Bible really says.

    At first you seem to be finding fault with me that I don't go to a church, which is simply your assumption, then you find fault again if I do go to a church saying that tells me (or you) NOTHING of what the Bible actually says. I have no idea what your point is except that you are trying to find fault coming and going, which is fairly typical of Jehovah's Witnesses, but making sense tends to come in second place.

    Does the GB have the spirit of the 12 apostles? It would seem so.

    It would seem so? Aren't you sure?

    They [the GB] will have to answers for themselves.

    That's right. Again, I have to wonder, Why do you continue to follow an organization led by imperfect humans that have lied and mislead so often, and you seem to be aware of it. You say they will have to answer for themselves - I presume you mean answer to God - but so will you. Are you not aware that the Bible says, "Do not put your trust in nobles, Nor the son of earthing man, to whom no salvation belongs."? (NWT 1984 edition)

    Again, JWs seem to bend over backwards to find fault with others, while at the same time ignoring their own.

  • hoser

    My parents lived through 1975 and vehemently deny that the organization made a big deal about that year even though some in our congregation left “the truth” shortly thereafter.

  • Diogenesister

    I'd love to have a recording of that 1976 DJ ribbing JWs about the failure of their prediction!!!

  • Longlivetherenegades

    August 2019 Watchtower study article no. 31 title "WE DO NOT GIVE UP" Postponed expectations. Paragraph 9

    We naturally long for the good things that Jehovah has promised. In fact, when Jehovah’s prophet Habakkuk expressed a yearning for Jehovah to bring an end to the wicked conditions in Judah, Jehovah instructed him to “keep in expectation.” (Hab. 2:3) However, when the fulfillment of our expectations appears to be delayed, it may dampen our enthusiasm. We could even lose heart. (Prov. 13:12) This happened at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, many anointed Christians expected to receive their heavenly reward in 1914. When that did not happen, how did faithful ones deal with their delayed expectations?


    1. Who promisd the faithful ones of their heavenly reward in 1914?

    2. Who delayed their expectations?

    3. Who dampens the spirit of these faithful ones with unfulfilled promises?

    4. Where in the scripture was it stated they will receive their promises in 1914?

    @doubting Thomas this is for you....

    Your religious masters talk but they don't follow what they say due to their SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS

    Saying that the churches teaches nothing goes into the realm of SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS. There is s church built behind my place of residence. They hardly put the name of the Jehovah’s witnesses on their lips in condemnation of them but can that be said of Jehovah's Witnesses who week in week out label them FALSE CHRISTIANS right from the beginning of the organization existence till today?

  • OnTheWayOut

    We never said what you think we said. We were just very eager. If you are still hung up on this, you need to adjust your attitude. If you insist on an apology, we are sorry that we were so eager to see this glorious day arrive that you messed up and read too much into what we said in our eagerness

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    How about a samich for the troll?

  • Gman2001

    Jan 1, 1976.....I realized that I was following false prophets....

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