Who was the poster who predicted radical Watchtower change years ago?

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  • slimboyfat

    Who was the poster, about 8 years ago, who came on the forum and claimed he had inside information that the GB were planning radical changes. He said that in ten years time JWs would be unrecognisable. Many were skeptical. I was skeptical. But I'd say, it turned out he was right. Don't know if he really had inside information or it was a coincidence. Who was he again? I think it was about 8 years ago because it as round about the time the book study was abolished. I think he was prophesying even before that happened. But ever since they dropped the book study it's been non-stop change. Change to doctrines, change to meetings, change magazines, changes to organisation structure, change to preaching, change to using Internet. Everything.

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  • konceptual99

    Good call SBF. Things have played out slightly differently with the DO role and not the CO role being the one that goes for example, but the overall gist was there and has been followed through.

    It's interesting that the org has a history of long term planning yet we've seen some uncharacteristically reactive events such as the JWB begging session.


    Any of us can predict what a Corporation may, or may not do. All we need is "critical thinking" skills, and solid information.

    The challenge with the WTBTS is that it's extremely secretive. We are forced to speculate, based on their past actions. Even so, I believe many posters have done an excellent job as "prophets." LOL!!

    I'm sticking with my prediction of an "adjusted understanding" of who is an "Ordained Minister", as the Pedo battles escalate.


  • Satan

    I know right? it's so different, since the change all happened recently, I feel like I subtly changed religions, to one different from my childhood.

  • Virgochik

    I remember the tedious afternoons on Saturday or Sunday when my father decided he had to shop for a new suit. His older ones were wearing out from so many wearings and dry cleanings. If I needed school shoes, it had to wait. He HAD to have nice suits for giving talks, even if his kid had outgrown her shoes, or the car needed work.

    Hmmm, I'll bet he could've given the same talk in Dockers and a nice shirt, and it would've still been fine. Silly cult.

    Edit: Humblest apologies, I meant to post this on the apparel thread. I feel so stupid!

  • careful

    Are you thinking of Juan Viejo2?

    It wasn't so long ago, certainly not 8, just 2 years. Has it been 8 years since the book study got the axe? Maybe I'm just getting too old and suffering from time warp-age, or whatever it's called, but it doesn't seem like it been that long.


    BTW, I know I owe you a reply. I will get to it soon.

  • millie210
    Edit: Humblest apologies, I meant to post this on the apparel thread. I feel so stupid!

    Dont feel stupid Virgochik....I hadnt noticed the apparel thread but now i want to go read it -

    it all works out~ thanks!

  • slimboyfat

    That rings a bell, but I thought it was much longer ago. Strange. Maybe there was another similar one. Was it the brother who also said he was involved in developing the new song book?

    Look forward to hearing from you careful!

  • Listener

    Thanks Careful, that was the post that I thought of when Slimboyfat asked the question, at least the one that purported to be fairly factual information, with inside information rather than predicitons.

    Thanks Slimboyfat for raising the question in the first place. I wasn't around 8 years ago and you may well have a different post in mind. There has been a lot of speculation mentioned over the years and guesses as to what they might or might not do and occasionally we get posters who really do have inside information.

    There is a lot of information in that post of Juan Viejo2's and their is enough accurate information there to assume that most of it is accurate even though they haven't implemented all the changes mentioned.

    It mentions that the GB could be increased to 12, this makes a lot of sense but hasn't been done, not even one additional member has been appointed. It is possible that they are stuck with the problem of having no suitable anointed men and don't know how to overcome the problem of appointing non anointed men. Their 2013 change, when they announced that only the GB are the FDS made this even more difficult because of the reward of being given all Christ's belongings.

    If they were intending to increase to 12 and they haven't it may indicate serious problems within both the GB and their helpers.

    The post identified the many cutbacks and even some of the thinking behind who they chose to get rid of. The focus of an increase in Legal, Real Estate and Training makes sense when we see what has been happening. They have sent out requests to congregations to determine if their may be Legal Professionals available to them. We have seen the creation of their very own Real Estate website and an increase in the purchases of translation offices/luxury homes, increased sales of Kingdom & Assembly Halls and the creation of the LDC as detailed in this post -


    Unfortunately, I can't see any indication from Juan's post to suggest why these changes were being made or what has prompted them.

    Reading back on the LDC meeting is very interesting. They mentioned this at the meeting

    YES! The organization is growing at a phenomenal rate
    At an unprecedented rate – people are simplifying their lives – ridding themselves of their belongings to come and serve Jeh more fully – the room is filled with professionals from all over the country and world – that have chosen to completely unplug from their livelihoods – leave everything and everyone to come work on this historic project
    GB says simplify – earn less money but at the same time they need millions more to do what we need to do – a contradiction? NO – Jehovah makes it happen. – consider:
    We are the largest printing house in the world - all unskilled workers
    We are the largest translation organization in the world – 700 lang- unskilled
    We are one of the largest property development corporations in the world – we own over 80,000 properties – this is all managed by volunteers
    Can you see it? The pillar of fire?
    We are asked to adjust our thinking and feelings – Jehovah is in control. When we are told “go this way” we say “ I will go even if I don’t understand why right now”
    Here is the task of the LDC:
    Build 5 times as many Kingdom halls with 1/10 the work force – oh, and 1 more thing – do it for no money!
    Jehovah likes impossible odds – this way its clear that He is with his people.

    This is an admittance that their vision is an impossibility, at least from an earthly viewpoint.

    Then there was this
    Remember in 1990 how you felt when the branch said we are no longer going to ask for money for the magazines? We wondered how will this work? It costs a lot of money to produce the literature – how can we just hope people will donate?
    Well, 24 years later – we are fine – in fact Jehovah has moved people to donate more than enough to keep the work going and growing! Nothing short of a miracle!

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