Who was the poster who predicted radical Watchtower change years ago?

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  • Mickey mouse
  • slimboyfat

    That's the one I was thinking of!

  • steve2

    This is what SBF himself wrote eight years ago:

    So what is the ending of the Congregation Book Study really all about? Surely the biggest winner in this new arrangement is the Circuit Overseer. Now he only has to take two meetings during his visit and will only "work" from Thursday to Sunday. That is a major reduction in workload as he can also wipe off Wednesday and Thursday ministry from the schedule.

    And if Circuit Overseers are only working part-time do you think the Society will want to keep paying them? I don't think so! So then next change I expect to see is the abolition of full-time paid Circuit Overseers. They might be replaced by roving elders who support themselves by working during the week and then travel to nearby congregations for the Thursday meeting and field service and meeting at the weekend. Congregations might be encouraged to move the week night meeting to Friday to make this easier. Some congregations already do have a meeting on Friday. Think how much money the Society would save by not having to pay Circuit Overseers! $$$ And these new part-time Circuit Overseers could claim all expenses from the congregations they visit, just like a travelling speaker.

    Very prescient!

  • sir82

    Some of the predictions in those threads came true, but most did not.

    Not sure what that means. Bad info? Bad info leaked on purpose to out a mole? GBers changed their minds? Death of Jaracz affected plans?

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