WT Teaching That You Can't Leave Behind

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  • WTWizard

    I don't like going into churches, but because I believe the whole bible is a book of black magic to destroy all humanity, and going to a church would tie my soul into that even worse than it already is. I do not want that, so I will not go to any church. For the record, I got rid of whatever bibles I could find, and if I find any more bibles in my possession, they are going on a quick trip to my local Dumpster. And that goes for jokehovian bibles, too.

    Celebrating Christmas? As I believe that the real "christ" is actually the sun, and the sun's rebirth happens on December 25, I still do that. I didn't do that while I was a jokehovian witless, and had a similar extent of phobia for it as many do for snakes (which is also part of that worthless bible--the source of most of that snake phobia is the curse planted right in Genesis chapter 3). Now, I just go ahead and worship the sun, in the way that was originally meant for humanity. It is just observing the natural procession of seasons, not chopping someone's head off.

    As for a blood transfusion, I still believe the best way to deal with needing one is to not need one. And much of the "need" comes from jokehovian activity (accidents during field circus) and the jokehovian lifestyle (fast, good-tasting poison for lunch every day is a good way to develop health problems, as is the stress and not getting enough sleep due to how much is asked of you). I am aware that there are incompatibilities with blood that are not in the ABO typing system, plus there is always the danger of getting AIDS or hepatitis ß. Plus, I do not want to waste blood for a stupid transfusion. I would rather it be on hand for when it is really needed, not wasted on something stupid.

  • rickroll

    I can remember for years after leaving thinking I need to throw away apostate material because demons could attach to it bla bla bla. It took me about 10 years to fully get rid of the cult mind control. I now feel nothing for any kind of guilt or throw back to the cult.

  • Giordano

    Do you still feel guilty going into a church for a wedding or a funeral?

    When asked....... I talk about what the JW's believe often in churches, usually a round table discussion. Three things impact the group.

    1. IF the JW's knew I was in your church having this discussion, I would be shunned for life because you guys are considered apostates.

    2. The JW's have a serious pedophile problem since they will not act on this issue unless there are two witnesses to the sexual abuse. Think about that.

    3. The witnesses that knock on your door are more interested in seeing if they would want to move into your house when you are destroyed at Armageddon.

    Anyway back in the day when I was pioneering where 'the need was great',,,,,,,,,,,, Our small congregation, which was meeting in a humble drafty store front, decided to buy a local synagogue that fell on hard times (not enough male members to preform the religious duties that a synagogue needed to do).

    If I remember..... we purchased it for 3300 dollars. A nice brick building in a quite neighborhood. We fixed it up re a new roof etc.

    I volunteered to go through the scrolls and books and we set aside a few things for our 'theocratic library'. The rest were returned to the past owners.

    During this phase of making the building into the Kingdom Hall I began to realize how old the Jewish religion was and how together they kept it. I felt like a complete phony being associated with a corporation that had pretensions of being God's representative. Realized it was all BS .

    Left the JW's with my wonderful pioneer partner the next year. At that time we were both in our early twenties. Celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary this year.

    Would you hesitate to accept a blood transfusion if you needed one ?

    No hesitation. At 44 I had to have open heart surgery. Something went wrong and they pumped in five liters of blood. I recovered nicely and believe it when I say I have really enjoyed the last 30 some years.

    Watched my wife's mother die before her time and my sister. No blood for them.

    Can you bring yourself to celebrate birthdays or Christmas
    .Not a problem for us birthdays and Christmas are simply family touchstones.
  • lriddle80

    Christmas took a while. I fought it as much as I could. Every year I say that we should just skip it, but it comes. Some years I really get into it, trying to find that present that will make someone feel special.

    One year, I called Christmas the Riddle family gift exchange and did it on a different day so that my Jehovah's witness family could come, but they all said they were too busy that day.

    My birthday is nothing special, but I do like to go out to eat and pick the place. I try to make as big of a deal as I can for my husband and son's birthday.

    I have been going to my church for over 10 years, but that first time was weird. Nothing bad happened when I went and so I kept going and I still enjoy it!

    I get medical marijuana and the first time my husband and I did it, we went to the book store and I noticed that in the Christian section I was feeling weird and I realized I still had some indoctrination left in me. When I was a teenager, I got the cd from Jars of Clay because I liked their song flood on the radio. When I listened to it, I discovered it was a Christian band and immediately threw it away because, y'know, it was "satanic". Meanwhile, I kept all of my Nirvana stuff and Soundgarden, which probably actually was satanic...

  • LV101

    Never really bought into their belief system re/blood, holidays like the hard liners and attended several weddings and a special church service or two with my in-laws in other churches the short time I was around WT crazy. I'd seen/experienced such evil with the cult members within a month that I didn't trust much of anything - thankfully!

  • snugglebunny

    Nope. Nothing left over at all. A few years back I had a massive rectal bleed which required me having 6 units of blood. I didn't give it a second thought. And here I am feeling on top of the world.

  • lriddle80

    I did have an issue with performance, which I think came from being a JW. I used to volunteer at places until I was so busy and burnt out and crying out to God "is it enough" or "now do you love me"

    It took a lot to get over that and realize that God loves me separate from what I do. He chose me to walk in good works, yes, but not so that he will love me more or that I would be good enough.

    I still struggle with black and white thinking. All or nothing kind of behavior. And genuinely loving people without a hidden agenda (like trying to win God's favor - which I already have)

  • SAHS

    “snugglebunny”: “6 pints of blood”

    Holy sh^t, Snuggle Bunny!

    Between 8-12 pints of blood are in the body of an average adult. One unit of blood is ~525 mL, which is roughly the equivalent of one pint.

    I’m glad you’re still alive, buddy. We

  • blondie

    To me the blood issue was the big one; it was 4 years after I left that I changed all my legal documents saying I would accept one. I also started donating blood as well (I know some do not qualify even if they wanted to).

    As to the rest, I just chose what I thought was healthy for me, body and mind. I did not choose what to believe or do things just to be opposite anything jw. But I made my own examination apart from WT teaching/policies, and followed my choice.

    PS I changed regarding transfusions, when I realized that the WTS was condoning using stored blood when they made using hemoglobin-based products a conscience matter, products made out of expired human blood and even animal blood. No point in dying for a very open hypocritical and legalistic decision. What about the law about pouring out the blood immediately after killing an animal?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Every birthday, I am reminded how I joined a cult that took my birthday away.
    Despite my atheism, I have no problem sharing gifts on or near December 25th with people who choose that time.

    No hesitation to accept a blood transfusion. I just want to be informed about any medical procedures.

    I have no hesitation going into any facility for a wedding or funeral. I do kinda laugh at the priestly outfits, though.

    The indoctrination does do something to me- as mentioned above with my birthday, I think about how silly it was to be afraid of birthday wishes or holidays or churches or anything "worldly."

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