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  • Eric

    I am incompatible with:

    - people who expect that I can read their minds.

    - anyone who interrupts anothers conversation.

    - those who engage in games to stroke their ego.

    - the pre-judgmental.

    - the selfish.

    There is just is no room or time left for me to damp down my dislike and disdain for anyone who is "Me, Me, Me First! " I used to be polite and humour such people, but they take endlessly, and I've got other receptive people in my life.

    To say that I'm incompatible with the greedy, needy self-absorbed is a perfect description.


  • Bendrr

    I just plain don't give a damn. Period.

    Which probably explains why I live alone and have very few friends.

    Oh well.....


  • shotgun

    Twice..same type of guy in each instance, nice one day hateful the next. Joking one minute and then ignoring everyone the next. That drives me nuts...usually I'll work on a moody maniac for a couple weeks and if they don't soften up its adios sucker.

    Ravyn I've posted this before, why is that you only let Logan bite you...

    Eric you must be single...just kidding

  • gumby
    Have you ever experienced being incompatible to someone?

    I usually know if I'm going to be compatable with someone fairly soon. There are some I plain can't stand. I can usually get along with others that aren't plain ***holes...( love them snowflake signs) but there are some that just because I can get along with them.....I wouldn't want to hang with them.


  • joannadandy

    I don't think everyone has to like you, nor do you have to get along with everyone.

    We all have different needs, goals, whatever--that can brush others the wrong way. Yes, I have worked with some people who I just could not wrap my brain around. And while I think you can be civil to someone, and work with them, it doesn't mean you have to be "friends" with them. As someone else pointed out, sometimes it's just not worth the time or effort. Life is too short to try to get everyone to like you.

  • Maverick

    I do work for the very wealthy fellow every year. He is a wonderful person and I truly enjoy spending time with him. His son, (30) is a butt-head elitist. His very presences ticks me off. He is a big guy and uses his physical size to try to intimidate me. All it does is make want to get a chair, stand on it and slap him! I did work for him this summer, at his fathers request. It was all I could do not to spit on him! He better hope nothing happens to his Dad, cause I won't even return his calls. There are just some people that aren't meant to be around each other. Maverick

  • Ravyn

    shotgun....I dont let Logan bite me...I tell him to bite me when he pisses me off--which I think he does just so he can bite me...but the rule is if I have to tell him to bite me then he does not have a choice as to where he bites me. people who want to bite me usually have their preference ---if they are nice.....



    I've learned over the years that I carefully choose my friends...and for valid reasons.

    I've noticed that people want my friendship for differing reasons...

    Let's talk about men.....With men, this is my most obvious observation:

    Lots of men will not hold up their end of a relationship...they deplete me. I don't want to carry the entire relationship load...Glad I've learned that about myself... So I don't pursue those kind of relationships any more....Too much work...trying to "fix" a little boy...

    Ideally, there would be a give-and-take in all areas....emotional, physical and in a balanced partnership. Must be the Libra in me...

    Astrologically speaking, Libras are compatible with other Libras, also Leos, Sagittarians, Gemini and Aquarians. Any other sign has an unbalancing influence on gentle and refined Libra.

    Besides, compatibility with me...requires that a man has gotta know how to ballroom dance......otherwise there is the element of frustration. Frustration -- with me -- occurs when I am not living up to my potential.

    I have a date this week with a fellow who has three of my main ummmmm... "basic requirements"...he is taaaaaallllll ...over 6'.....he is a ballroom dancer....and he is spiritual..... Oh... He's a non-smoker...that's nice, too........I don't know what Astrological sign he is yet.

    I'll keep you posted!!!


  • Robdar

    I used to try to be friendly with everyone. Recently I have decided that some people, bless their hearts, are just idiots and I would do myself a favor to put as much distance as possible between me and them. I feel no remorse in having reached this conclusion.


  • Maverick
    Maverick are the kind....Maverick

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