JW Father Kills Self and 12-year-old Son

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  • BluesBrother
    What does these murders have to do with Jehovah's WItnesses?

    Because he was a dub!! Because he held the Group Study in his house, because his foreman spoke so warmly of and his religion . We all know that the "Truth" takes precedence of anything when you are in it and this guy was really involved , not a hanger on.

    It is not supposed to happen in the "The truth" . We all see the happy families in the "Family Life Book", and those of us who have been there know just how big a fallacy that is.

    I just feel so sorry for this familly. We will never know what really tortured this man . What was he doing with agun anyway? To the best of my knowlege they are not permitted in the homes of dubs

    As I read it there was no talk of past physical abuse .

    Blues, rambling but moved about this . And my sincere compassion to all those who posted horror stories of their own - It was not supposed to be like this........

  • fjtoth

    I have a few theories too. I think the husband was intent on killing his wife too, but she got away before he got the chance. Maybe he went after her but saw the police cars outside, without realizing that they were there for another reason. I think they may have kept a gun in the house because they or their neighbours had had some bad experience(s) with criminals in town, maybe drug addicts. Maybe they saw the possession of a gun as something they needed for protection if ever their home was broken into by gun-toting merciless intruders. But I agree that we will probably never know for sure about these and other things.

    I hope you all don't see the smiling face of my avatar as an indication that I'm pleased with this story. I'm very sad about it. I knew many JWs who lived like these folks. I also knew some JWs who committed suicide.

    I have to say in fairness that some JWs did better than others in the community when it came to putting up with bad consequences in their lives. Still, when a JW is down and in need of more comfort and practical help than he's ever needed in his life, he usually has no one to turn to. I remember in my own case many years ago when a circuit overseer walked all over me and another elder for no reason and then got the district overseer and the Bethel Service Dept. on his side, we had no one to turn to. Even those who knew the CO was a rat wouldn't speak in our defense for fear of losing their positions in the organization. I didn't feel like committing suicide, but for years I was so down in the dumps that my physical health deteriorated and I actually prayed to die in my sleep.

    I look back on the incident now, and I realize that there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of JW men and women who are being driven to distraction because in actuality they haven't got a decent friend anywhere on earth. And what's so bad about being a JW is that you start to suspect that God himself has turned against you because of what he allows "his organization" to do to you.

  • fjtoth

    The following appeared in The Ledger of Lakeland, Florida. No mention is made of JWs.
    See http://www.theledger.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20030826/NEWS/308260363/1004

    SWAT Team Finds Father, Son Dead

    A man fatally shot himself and his 12-year-old son early Monday after arguing with the boy's mother, police said.

    Carl Dennis Mackey, 41, and his son, Brian, were found fatally shot when a SWAT team entered the house about 5 a.m.

    The boy's mother, Laura Mackey, ran out of the house shortly after midnight and told officers that her husband was trying to kill her, Detective Jack DiCristofalo said. The officers had been responding to a separate incident across the street.

    "She said she'd heard two shots fired. She said they'd been having domestic problems," DiCristofalo said.


    Lady Lee Wrote:

    I have to wonder how many times the wife went to the elders to ask for help and was told to be a better wife. Or maybe she was too scared to go. Shelters and counseling are not recommended options for JWs.

    Wasn't this that happy JW family???...that went door-to-door trying to convert people to their HappyTM religion??? A lifestyle that anyone would envy????

    Yeah....be a better wife, woman!!!! Read your Bible more... more... MORE!!! You aren't good enough, woman!!! Be submissive, woman!!!!

    Turns out the man is the sicko....yet no ElderTM would have ever thunk it!!! 'Cuz they put on such a good show at the meetin' on sunday.... the bookstudy at their place on Tuesday the well-prepared talks on Thursday service meetin'....service every Saturday.....

    Maybe we'll meet this precious woman at an Apostafest someday...


  • avishai
    What does these murders have to do with Jehovah's WItnesses? The man was an ass. And if I were to do a search on people who are a member of a chruch and who has killed others, i can guarantee I will find hundreds and even thousands before of newspaper and magazine articles before I find a murder-sucicide committed by a JW or at least an inactive W.

    #1, everyone in the article says he was a nice guy. #2 How about Christian Longo? How about Robert Bryant? There's a few more, in the last couple of years alone. Why don't you look those up first, hmmmm? I know Robert bryants sister in law, the aunt to those kids. It has to do with shunning, depression, hopelessness, & discouragement from going to see psychyatrists. Figure it out. Oh, gee, they don't cover up abuse or anything, not at all. Not sexual abuse of little kids. Or maybe your stepdad beats the shit out of you on a regular basis. Do they help? Nah. It has everything to do with the witnesses.

  • pamkw

    When I was a kid, (1970's) women were told to stay. My mom did even though my step father abused her children. The elders told her to be a better wife. Later in the early 90's it was announced at an assembly that a woman could leave if she was in phyical danger. I was so mad. I pointed out to my mom on the way home that if they had said that years ago we would have been happier. This is so sad. It seems so easy for jws to kill themselves and their families. I guess they figure the family will be brought back in the 'new world', and as for them being dead is probably easier to stand than being alive. Pam

  • nilfun

    ((Yesterday's Child)), your post (and the many others on this thread) hit me like a ton of bricks. So many sad stories. I'm so sorry.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Another victim of the Borg-Org. Who at the local KH could of helped this family BEFORE this tragic act? The fact is, I'll bet a lot of the elders knew something was up but did nothing to help. Now it is too late....................

  • Swan

    Did he think he was doing his little boy a favor by ensuring him a resurrection? They are so twisted in their thinking! This is so sad.


  • avengers

    How long will this madness continue?

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