I've been robbed

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  • outnfree

    (((((Wuzzy)))))) I'm so sorry!


  • bikerchic


    It will take a long time for me to get the picture of your beautiful home trashed!!!! What creeps, I hope they get caught!

    I'm so sorry about all your personal treasures, maybe you will luck out and get some of them back from the local pawn shops. I know nothing can replace the mementoes from the past, but I'm so glad you weren't home when they broke in as sad as it seems things could have been worse.

    I walked into a home that was in the process of being burglarized, the robbers were in between trips of unloading the loot. The cops told me I should have left imediately, but dumb me......anyway it took a very long time before I could get over the feeling of being violated and it wasn't even my house but one of my clients.

    I hope after the dust settles you seriously check into an alarm system and I always leave a radio on in one room and a TV in another plus lights on when ever I leave, it's the cheapman's alarm but it works!

    Big hugs to you and your daughter!

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    I feel violated and angry.

    I hear you, hon!! I'm so sorry!!!!. I think I understand how you feel about some strangers entering your home and taking your things. That happened to me once, except that I "surprised" them very soon after they got into my place. They left in a hurry, leaving my sliding glass doors open. Erie feeling, knowing someone had been there, with no healthy motive.

    What I don't know is how devastated I would have felt if someone had stolen my jewelry. I have a lot of precious sentimental things from my mom. My heart aches, just thinking about how that might feel. I am very attached to my mom's things. She and I both have the same taste. I wear her jewelry often.

    I guess after that incident, I decided the safest place for my mom's rings is right on my fingers!

    Take care of wasa....She is precious...


  • wasasister

    So many kind replies and so little time. I wish I could itemized each of you and thank you as individuals. I'm using a loaner lap-top as mine seems traumatized by being ripped from the wall.

    Dave: really great suggestions, I'll take them to heart when I get my new stuff. The police were very helpful, but not very encouraging. They were similarly helpful the last time I needed to call them - to remove my ex-husband from the house. I'll not only carve my DL into my new stuff, I'll include a few well-worded threats. You're a good friend and I like you in spite of your being older than me.

    Mulan: I would like to talk to you on a different matter. I've lost your phone number (in the computer failure). Please either PM me or call me if you can find my number.

    Craig and Alan: thanks for the thoughts. Craig and Katie, I'll return your call when things die down around here. Still dealing with claims adjustors and inventories.

    All of you: You are so kind and thoughtful. Thank you for being my friends during this disruptive time. I'm amazed at how many of you have had similar experiences. I've learned some valuable lessons, and since it's too late for me, please read Dave's post and add these thoughts:

    1. Go RIGHT NOW and copy down the serial numbers from all your electronics and store the information in a safe place...maybe at work or with a friend. Also write down what precious items (such as jewelry, coines, etc) you own and keep the list safe.

    2. Don't keep anything of value in obvious places like jewelry boxes, under your bed, or behind dresser drawers. If you can't replace it, lock it up.

    3. Don't get lulled into a false sense of security because you live in a nice neighborhood where nobody steals. We are all vulnerable. Lock every window, draw the drapes at night to keep people from seeing what you have (especially if you have nice stuff).

    4. Keep in mind that assholes can steal your mementoes, but they can't take your memories. (Thanks to the poster who reminded me of this.) Only old age and liquor can take your memories! So there!!

    You're all so sweet, I can't thank you enough.



  • Xena

    Oh I am so sorry wassa! I have had stuff stolen before but thankfully never had my home broken into (knock wood).

    May the people that did this become JW's for life (I can't think of a worse curse to put on anyone )!!!!!!!!!

  • SixofNine

    lol Xena.

    (((wasa))) so sorry. It just feels like such a violation doesn't it?

  • Robdar


    How dreadfully awful. I am glad that you and the cat were safe. Too scarey!!!

    Love you,


  • teejay


    Sorry to hear this.


    When your personal space has been violated, it's unnerving and painful.

    Recently, my best buddy in Cleveland, OH., had a rather strange and unusual happening.

    He rents the downstairs of a house; neighbours upstairs, unruly white trash - that never seem to go to work...hmmm???

    My bud goes to work.

    Comes home, notices some things.....are just not quite right. Not missing or stolen, just moved, or placed in a different place.

    It made him a bit confused at first.

    Then it happened again, only more obvious. That night, he could not sleep, as he could hear tons of activity from upstairs, people coming and going and voices of desperation.

    Turns out, the place has been under surveillance for a few weeks.

    Cops are getting complaints from neighbours about these bafoons upstairs.

    My buddy, is at work during the day, and he tends to go out in the evening (visiting his friends/go for a beer).

    Neighbours, thankfully tell the cops, that my friend is NOT associated in any which way shape or form with the crackheads upstairs.

    Cops contact him, and have him meet up with them.

    They ask him questions etc., and where he works; this is where it gets weird. He tells them where he works, and then one of the investigating officers I guess indicate, they saw someone downstairs (his apartment) during the day time.

    My friend works during the day time is NOT at home.

    - upstairs crew have been breaking in, and messing with stuff. This is my friend who spent about 7-8 years looking after a woman who was stricken with ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease). She passed away in October 02'.

    Needless to say, my friend was totally freaked out, scared and worried. He did lay charges, because the identities of the people upstairs were the ones seen by police and D.E.A. - of course.....and why not, these losers had no right to be in anyones space, no matter what, let alone a person who just got through giving 24/7 care to someone who passed away less than a year ago.

    The nerve .

    He is moving out of the house, and into another place closer to the city centre.

    But "Was" - I can't imagine the feeling, of your personal space, violated, and riddled through.

    So sorry to read this, but considering what just happened with my buddy in Cleveland, it certainly hit home.

  • Farkel


    : I was burggled

    I hope it didn't hurt much. Seriously, give me a ring.

    Farkel, who's never been burggled OR buggered and doesn't really know the difference anyway, but should since he thinks that is something worth knowing should he ever decide to become a Catholic...

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