The Appeal and Draw of the Watchtower

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  • Saved_JW

    When I first left the Watchtower Organization in 2008, a flood of emotions came back to me. Betrayal, anger, resentment, deep depression from the relationships lost. Emotions seemed to guide my viewpoint of others as well. Why would people join the Watchtower in the first place? Are they really that "stupid"?

    Well, it has been a long time since I left, and I have had more then enough time to reflect on what I think are the main draws of the Watchtower Society:


    At its core, the Watchtower is a Man Centered religion. What I mean by this, is the theology really starts with mankind as the central aspect of everything. Salvation starts with mans effort, Jehovah reacts to circumstances created by mans will, the Watchtower is the central aspect to religious practice. Even though Jehovah is given lip service, practically speaking Man is central.

    This serves as the foundation for why people stay in the Watchtower in the first place. Pride.... The Watchtower may not offer financial incentives, but it does offer power and influence over others. Elders are not seen as servants under others [which is biblical] they are seen as Masters OVER others. This type of model attracts a certain type of person to advance in the pyramid of power, namely "Yes men" not humble servants. Almost like attracting flies to rotten fruit.


    The Watchtower's message is historically rooted in fear. The Very "Hell Doctrine" it criticizes from the Christian faith which is rooted in fear, the Watchtower uses the same technique to retain and maintain its own followers out of fear of absolute destruction.

    This is why so many JW's have a problem telling us what they stand FOR. If you ask any average Joe on the street "What do Jehovah's WItnesses Believe?" YOu will not get an answer that talks about paradise earth, or Gods Kingdom much less a discussion of the 1914 doctrine. You will get answers that more or less tell us what they DONT believe [birthdays, holidays, flag salute, etc..]

    If you think about War Strategies, leaders understand that fear can be an excellent emotional tool for conformity, but its major downside: It does not motivate in the long term. Using fear as a tool for manipulation is only effective in short periods of time. If abused, actually does the opposite effect and causes disloyalty.


    Its of my opinion that the vast majority of Jehovah's Witness do not understand the "Why's" behind their faith. They do not understand the reasons why the Watchtower has authority.
    Lets be honest, try asking a Jehovah's Witness to explain how the Governing Body was appointed over the domestics using Daniels Prophecy without referencing WT literature.... They would have a panic attack!

    Many Jehovah's Witnesses are in the religion because they know nothing different. Which brings up another thing, many in the religion are not "Stupid" at all. in fact, there are very smart individuals inside. Whether its true or not makes no difference. The first thing I had to accept was that not many people care about "Truth" when presented with positions of power.

    Think about the business world, many people will accept promotions in spite of their loyalty to the company itself. Because the opportunity presents itself with power and influence. This may explain why its so hard to convince people in the Watchtower of the fallacious nature of what they believe, because at the end of the day, this ISNT what keeps them there in the first place.

    There are may other observations I have, but since this is a discussion thread, I want to hear your opinion...

  • kabwell

    I would add

    1) exclusiveness - It must be the true church as all other sects hate us.

    2) belonging - Most humans have a need to belong to something be it a stamp club or sports club

    3) It provides information on how to live our lives - supports

    4) the books and magazine can be an attraction

    5) Old door to door salespeople showing interest in the elderly ( love bombing )

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "try asking a Jehovah's Witness to explain how the Governing Body was appointed over the domestics using Daniels Prophecy without referencing WT literature" -

    Better still, just ask any Witness to tell you who appointed the present G.B.!

    Answer - their old buddies on the former G.B.

    Heaven only got involved in the selection process in 1919. :)

  • eyeuse2badub

    The appeal and draw for me and my brothers was:

    it was our mother's religion and we HAD to go or get our ass whipped.

    just saying!


  • prologos

    Heaven only got involved in the selection process in 1919. :smile:

    Heaven "liked the idea" ca, 1918 "Millions now living will never die" better than just "you will not die".

    not dying a big attraction. one less thing to worry about; now, just concentrate on pleasing the elders to be appointed too.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I agree with your post, for many JW's. It is much simpler for others- they were born in and it was beat into their brains that this is "the truth." Questioning it is out of the question.

    For many born-ins and converts, it is an insider-information thing. The information is available to everyone, but only "WE" took advantage of it.

    I can say for me that it was a feeling of worthlessness but Jehovah's Witnesses told me I had value. Feeling purposeless but Jehovah gives me a purpose. It offered that insider information- the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

  • xjwsrock

    Reality can be harsh.

    Retreating to a fairy tale is easier for all of us.

  • DesirousOfChange

    not dying a big attraction.

    Paradise earth.

    Resurrection of family members.

    Injustice to end. Most JWs are less fortunate people from a "worldly" point of view. Many are "disadvantaged" and low on the economic ladder. Jah is going to fix all that and JWs will get to inherit the Earth -- I mean, the big houses they call on or clean.


  • Connie
    One of the attractions to the JWs is that you are special, only you can see the truth while others are blinded. God has chosen you to reveal these " truths" to. Appeals to one's pride, and the JWs will emphasize the opposition you will get to show just how blind and deceived everyone else is. Aren't you smart.
  • Divergent
    The appeal and draw for me and my brothers was:
    it was our mother's religion and we HAD to go or get our ass whipped.

    Similar to my experience. I was born-in, taught that this was "the truth", and lacked exposure to other ways of thinking. Dissatisfaction led me to discover TTATT & break free as a young adult. This religion has zero appeal & draw to me. If I had not been born-in, there is no way that I would ever be a JW!

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