London K.H.'s - Which Ones Will Be Sold Off?

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  • JustHuman14

    Looking at the KH and the locations that they are for sale this will generate a lot of £££ to the Org...Very clever business move by "God's Earthly Representative"

    So if we take also into consideration the following:

    a. No labor cost to build them since is all by JW's volunteers

    b. Those properties that converted to KH again the same principle applies

    c. The purchase was basically a large portion of it by donations

    The outcome is very impressive how much money does the Org gets!!!

    Also don't forget the monthly contribution for the KH that you might have 3 different congregation using the same building!!

    God that's a lot of cash.

    Indeed "God" £££ is blessing them

  • darkspilver

    JustHuman14: God that's a lot of cash.

    Looks like this one is being sold for around £47,500 ( US $61,200 )

    "Reduced for quick sale" !

    zeb: HM of these halls or any anywhere are built for so many occupants' but are being occupied by two or three times that many?

    What do you mean? Occupied at the same time? (with a large congregation) Or occupied during the week? (with multiple congregations)

  • JustHuman14

    @darkspliver, the price is not bad if you take into consideration that is in Wales, and the value of the property market there is quite low, comparing to what you need to pay for London and Greater London

  • Pistoff

    The contraction is under way in the US; I have a friend with contacts in Bethel; not many new halls going up, and lots of selloff and consolidation.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    MidwichCuckoo's been a long time since I've been on this site (I'm soooo very angry at the moment, as it seems all the JW related crap has come back and overwhelmed me)...anyway...

    My old Kingdom Hall is up for sale at £250,000, lol (it was a quick build on the site of a 'pre-fab' KH), the two congregations which shared it are now sharing with another local (at least) three congregations in one hall. One JW told me it was being sold so more could be built in poorer countries...absolutely stupid.

    I will try and find estate agent's link...

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Well, well, well...while I was perusing the Estate Agents site for my old hall, looks like they are marketing another one...

    The one shared by Halesowen and Blackheath Congregations..

    Apologies...these aren't in London, but looks like they're taking the money in all over...

  • MidwichCuckoo

    " i asked a couple what the money was going to be used for--" building halls in africa."

    Im glad you said that too Stan, I had same thing said to me (but wasn't sure if the JW made it up), looks like it's a common excuse fed to the R&F

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i got married--( for the first time ) at a kingdumb hall in Walsall---not the one in the estate agents details, it was a former chapel in some shitty back street. that was 50 years ago.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Me too the aforementioned pre-fab. I don't know if I have previously divulged my age (on here) and the age of my (then) husband. I look back now am angry at how I was co-erced into it.

  • Phizzy

    More info on such sales here in the U.K would be much appreciated, thanks.

    I am trying to get a grip on how much Property has actually been sold, it will be fun to trot out the facts to JW's about their Incredible Shrinking Org.

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