London K.H.'s - Which Ones Will Be Sold Off?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    According to the org's website, various congregations will be moving in with other congregations, effective January 1st 2017. (I've only highlighted a couple) In all probability, their own K.H. is/has been sold. Here is a list of London K.H.'s still in existence. A few have 3 or 4 congregations using them. Many have only one.

    It will be interesting to see in 12-18 months which ones have been sacrificed for filthy lucre. Central London property prices are too good for the org to ignore!

    (sorry about the formatting!)

    London, Camden

    7 Pratt Mews
    Pratt Street                            

    London, Battersea

    121 Heath Road                          
    LONDON  SW8 3BB   

    London, Marylebone

    11 Monmouth Road
    LONDON  W2 4UT  

    London, Brixton

    197a Coldharbour Lane
    LONDON  SE5 9PA   

    London, Kingsland

    Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
    1A Fassett Road
    LONDON  E8 1DQ    

    London, Dulwich

    1A Scylla Road                          
    LONDON  SE15 3NY  

    London, Hammersmith

    1A Poplar Grove
    LONDON  W6 7RF   

    London, Chelsea

    Kingdom Hall
    23 Pond Place                           
    off Fulham Road                         
    LONDON  SW3 6QR 

    London, Kilburn

    Rear of 1A Dyne Road                    
    LONDON  NW6 7XG   

    London, Hackney

    184 Grove Road
    LONDON  E3 5TG    

    London, Bermondsey (Effective January 1, 2017)

    200 New Cross Road                      
    New Cross Gate                          
    LONDON  SE14 5PG  

    London, Stoke Newington

    Rear of 16-32 Stamford Hill
    LONDON  N16 6YA

    London, Muswell Hill

    33 North Hill
    LONDON  N6 4BS

    London, Balham

    26 Glenburnie Road                      
    Tooting Bec                             
    LONDON  SW17 7PJ  

    London, West Green

    5A Glenwood Road
    LONDON  N15 3JS   

    London, Wood Green

    Kingdom Hall
    1 New River Avenue
    LONDON  N8 7QD

    London, Bruce Grove

    679 - 685 Seven Sisters Road
    LONDON  N15 5LA

    London, Streatham

    16 Rutford Road                         
    LONDON SW16 2DH  

    London, Catford

    27 Brockley Rise
    Forest Hill
    LONDON  SE23 1JG

    London, Acton

    Kingdom Hall
    Acton Lane
    LONDON  W3 8NX

    London, Upper Norwood

    Whiteley Road
    Upper Norwood                           
    LONDON  SE19 1JT  

    London, Earlsfield

    Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
    349 Haydon's Road
    LONDON  SW19 8LA  
    London, Blackheath 
    Invicta Road
    LONDON  SE3 7HD   

    London, Beckenham

    173 Venner Road                         
    LONDON  SE26 5HX  

    London, Wimbledon

    Rear of 24 Gladstone Road               
    LONDON  SW19 1QT  

    London, Leytonstone

    6A Sansom Road
    LONDON  E11 3HE   

    London, Croydon

    119A Norbury Avenue

    London, Edmonton

    1 Shelbourne Road
    LONDON  N17 0JX

    London, Lea Bridge

    5A-7A Hoe Street                        
    LONDON  E17 4PH

    London, Bounds Green

    2A Ashley Gardens
    LONDON  N13 5EW   

    London, Colindale

    Avion Crescent
    Grahame Park Way                        
    LONDON  NW9 5NZ   

    London, Mill Hill

    The Kingdom Hall
    The Ridgeway                            
    Mill Hill
    LONDON  NW7 1RN  

    London, Morden

    64 Stayton Rd                           
    SUTTON  SM1 2PU   

    London, Mitcham

    Queens Road                             

    London, Barnet

    77A East Barnet Road                    


  • ToesUp

    Great news! Each KH that is sold is an indication of where WT is right now. There is a sh*t storm coming and WT knows it. This is why they are hiding out in NY.

  • Thisismein1972

    Most of those on the list, in my opinion are prime real estate areas too. Meaning, whatever KH get sold in these areas will go for £££.


    London K.H.'s - Which Ones Will Be Sold Off?

    Eventually.....All Of Them..


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    .............Image result for greedy person

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    can just imagine--the WTs make a congregation sell their hall--and hand over the wedge------then they have to rent a place--and pay for it themselves. ha ha .

  • joe134cd

    It would be interesting to know what the grand total would be.

  • jookbeard

    the real estate value of many of those KH is really eye watering beyond the realms of reality, my old KH is listed there

  • darkspilver

    Hi The Searcher

    According to the org's website, various congregations will be moving in with other congregations, effective January 1st 2017.

    Link? Please

    Here is a list of London K.H.'s still in existence. A few have 3 or 4 congregations using them. Many have only one.

    Out of your list of 35 KHs - please can you name/list the many that have you say have only one congregation using them - thanks

    To help you, I've formatted the list for you - TIA

    1. 7 Pratt Mews, Pratt Street, LONDON NW1 0AD
    2. 121 Heath Road, Clapham, LONDON SW8 3BB
    3. 11 Monmouth Road, Paddington, LONDON W2 4UT
    4. 197a Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell,LONDON SE5 9PA
    5. 1A Fassett Road, LONDON E8 1DQ
    6. 1A Scylla Road, Peckham, LONDON SE15 3NY
    7. 1A Poplar Grove,Hammersmith, LONDON W6 7RF
    8. 23 Pond Place, off Fulham Road, LONDON SW3 6QR
    9. Rear of 1A Dyne Road, LONDON NW6 7XG
    10. 184 Grove Road, LONDON E3 5TG
    11. 200 New Cross Road, New Cross Gate, LONDON SE14 5PG
    12. Rear of 16-32 Stamford Hill, LONDON N16 6YA
    13. 33 North Hill, LONDON N6 4BS
    14. 26 Glenburnie Road, Tooting Bec, LONDON SW17 7PJ
    15. 5A Glenwood Road, LONDON N15 3JS
    16. 1 New River Avenue, LONDON N8 7QD
    17. 679 - 685 Seven Sisters Road, LONDON N15 5LA
    18. 16 Rutford Road, Streatham, LONDON SW16 2DH
    19. 27 Brockley Rise, Forest Hill, LONDON SE23 1JG
    20. Acton Lane, LONDON W3 8NX
    21. Whiteley Road, Upper Norwood, LONDON SE19 1JT
    22. 349 Haydon's Road, LONDON SW19 8LA
    23. Invicta Road, LONDON SE3 7HD
    24. 173 Venner Road, Penge, LONDON SE26 5HX
    25. Rear of 24 Gladstone Road, Wimbledon, LONDON SW19 1QT
    26. 6A Sansom Road,Leytonstone, LONDON E11 3HE
    27. 119A Norbury Avenue, THORNTON HEATH CR7 8AN
    28. 1 Shelbourne Road, Tottenham, LONDON N17 0JX
    29. 5A-7A Hoe Street, LONDON E17 4PH
    30. 2A Ashley Gardens, LONDON N13 5EW
    31. Avion Crescent,Grahame Park Way, LONDON NW9 5NZ
    32. The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, LONDON NW7 1RN
    33. 64 Stayton Rd, SUTTON SM1 2PU
    34. Queens Road, WALLINGTON SM6 0AG
    35. 77A East Barnet Road, BARNET EN4 8RN
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Hi darkspilver - if you click on JWdotOrg - About Us - Meetings - Find a Location Near You - Location to Search Near, you can find all of the K.H.'s which serves only one congregation - at the moment!

    Perhaps some/all of those congregations being relocated on January 1st 2017 were in that group.

  • jookbeard

    my local KH Wallington as far as I know serves 2 congs unless there has been an disbanding/amalgamation in recent months, I was sure Mitcham shared that KH

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