What would be a good age to die?

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  • teenyuck
    I will not be returning here for any reason not even to read...............

    What about that hot gal we were going to find for you?

  • Joker10

    It seems people aren't treating you with enough respect, KGB.

  • Aztec


    "Just to let you all know I am leaving this board and this time it is for good."

    Okay coward. Run, run far away...LOL! Real men don't run away from intellectual challenges and things that challenge their beileifs but, whatever.....


  • little witch
    little witch

    I hope to live to a ripe age, being of sound mind.

    I wouldn't wanna live in a vegatative state, nor without a sound mind.

    I do not fear death. I know it can come any day, at any time, accidents happen.

    So I try to live a good life, and a happy one, everyday, as if it were my last.

    Hedonistic? Perhaps.

    "Eat and Drink, and be happy, for tomorrow we die''. Works for me!!

  • SheilaM
    KGB said: You man are a worthless piece of ####\

    Hmmmm KGB claims we don't respect him LOL ROFLMAO REAAAAAAALY

  • aarque

    I once sent a b'day card to a younger friend of mine that read:

    "May you live to be 120 years old....and may the last voice you hear be mine."

    Let's see....I had surgery at age 16 and being a good little dub, refused all blood. The thing was, I had a serious clotting problem and the surgeon told me just before I was wheeled into the operating room that I might not make it through. In the past ten years I've had 4 surgeries for early cancer.

    When my husband was 17, he was struck by an 18-wheeler and dragged. He was crushed from the hips down and spent two year in the hospital. He had his first hip replacement at age 19, and in the next year will be getting his fourth hip replacement.

    By all counts, neither one of us should be here.

    Believe me, every day is a gift.

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