What would be a good age to die?

by Joker10 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • Joker10

    Wat do you think is a 'good' age to die? 70? 80? 103?

    If I'm physically active and strong, I say 74.

  • Mulan

    My parents are both 90 and require constant assistance. They both feel they have lived too long. Sometimes I agree with them. I think at times I will be too old to enjoy freedom by the time they are gone. I love them both and would miss them terribly, but long for freedom too.

    They were both contributing, independent people until age 85. That's about right I think.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Until you just can't physically and emotionally 'hack' it anymore...... some can do it into their 100's, others barely in their 70's. Generally speaking, I think a lot of people in their early 80's are just as 'together' as people in their late 60's years ago. I guess its up to the individual.

  • freedom96

    Yes, I agree, everyone is different at the same age. Some are much older than their years. I want to live into my 90's. I want to see my children get old.

  • JH

    Living up to 80 would be nice. Past that could be troublesome.

  • tinkerbell82

    I dont know that i can really come up with a final answer for this one, but it would definitely be much younger than 80.....60 migth even be pushing it. i'm petrified of getting old.

  • KGB

    For me it does not matter. Why ? Because I believe in the promise, and that promise takes away any fear or concern of when I will die or want to live. I do love life but I do not fear death either because God so loved the world he sent his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall have eternal life. I'm just sad that some of you here I will never meet because you will not have that same promise especially my friend Gumby......

  • willyloman

    Believe me, Tink, when you get to be in your 50s, you will rethink your position on this.

  • Hamas

    Right now would be nice.

  • stillajwexelder

    long enough to see the Borganization collapse

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