Bible is good if we look for implied truth

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from Finkelstein:

    Nonsensical statement, when Adam had Cain as a child he was already tossed out the Garden of Eden and became imperfect, therefore they were both imperfect.

    It is presumed by many that both Adam and Eve were somehow "perfect" before their disobedience. That they then became "imperfect" as a consequence.

    But, they hadn't yet eaten of the Tree of Life before their expulsion.

    Before disobedience they obviously weren't immune to doubtful or sinful thoughts.

    Perhaps, in the final analysis, they did just as they were expected to do. After all, Our Father couldn't have been surprised. He knows all things before they occur.

    It is all an essential element of the Grand Plan. As is Satan and the disobedient Angels who followed him. As is our crazy World today before its conclusion.

    Our lives may truly be just beginning. Death and Resurrection have a Grand Purpose.

  • venus
    days of future passed

    If what religions teach (God can listen to prayers of billions of people simultaneously) is true, then it would mean He can also communicate with billions of people simultaneously.

    Yet He doesn't do that? Why? It is of no use. Everyone knows one day he would die, and has seen the death of many people, and billions of people who ever lived on earth are no more--yet most people behave as though they won't die, get immersed in accumulation of things in abundance which they won't finish using before their death. Why does this sure thing as death have no effect on people? If this doesn't influence people, what else would influence?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    People will do a "bucket" list when they find out they may only have a year or less left to live. Do all the things they thought they had enough time to do in a lifetime in a few weeks or months.

    What else should they do? Trudge on as they always did and then die?

    A guy at work that I talk to, has had many young friends die in accidents or drug overdoses. He views life as fleeting so do the things you like.

    Yes, god does not answer prayers or listens. My personal view on this world is that it was created, but not by a god that overlooks everything. Just someone or many that wanted to experiment in making up an ecosystem and living things. That doesn't mean that it is "perfect" in any way. Why not have things if they make you happy? Sure you can't take them with you. Religion, at least the JW brand, wants you not to enjoy hobbies or leisure or music or just living life if it interferes with slaving for "god". Religion also takes away the natural desire and action to stop injustice. "We should wait for God to fix things."

    I would like a better answer to death and people slowly being tortured by old age. But I realize now that waiting on a "god" is useless.

    Why does this sure thing as death have no effect on people?

    What effect would you want death to have on them?

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    "Fuck off"... there is no equivalent.

    Allow Sir Billy to explain:-

  • OnTheWayOut

    The story of the garden has no implied truths.

    1) God warned Adam and Cain before they could act—this communication had no effect on both of them—one perfect and the other imperfect.

    Wrong. It's fiction that our understanding of genetics and how long humans have been on the earth have sufficiently proven to be untrue. If there was a hidden message in this fiction, it was put there by the priestly leaders that wrote or edited it- that the "God" of humans is a real SOB so y'all better do what "He" says thru his religious leaders.

    2) God performed great miracles over the Israelites, and Jesus too did the same—yet they had no effect on the people who simply preferred Barabbas to Jesus. Implied truth is that people would not change their course of action no matter what God communicates to them or does in favor of them.

    Wrong. Great miracles are used to insist that the religious teachings must be from God. It is written that the people still failed to listen after miracles to imply that they were too stubborn to change and that the reader of this story should be even less stubborn in the light of no current miracles.

    3) In Genesis 11:6, 7 we find God speaking about the ability of humans

    I like your thoughts. Let me add that I believe the point was to say that humans were able to accomplish much without God's guidance, but took it in the wrong direction. This was written/edited by the priests to tell people again that they should just do as the priests representing God tell them.

  • cofty
    Allow Sir Billy to explain - Giles Grey

    Love that guy.

    Here's Mrs C, at a mural of The Big Yin in Glasgow earlier this year.

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