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  • jerryjax99

    Nice! I am in Nashville, TN and have spoken to some here via phone and messages. Need to meet up for sure and enjoy the company.

  • Simon

    Every now and then I'll remind her of the Proverbs 31 "lord in your heart" crap ... I can't post what she normally says in reply. Sometimes I'm afraid.

  • Angharad
    can I get Angharad's opinion

    I think there maybe a little more touch of gray ;-)

  • DesirousOfChange

    I've just been looking at pictures of the trip, the kids were so little now one is in university and the other is in the last year of high school! ~ Angharad

    Just think how exciting that statement is. If you were still caught up in the Cult, your kids would be do-nothing WT salesmen working menial jobs part-time to barely survive until Armageddon "fixed" everything for them. Those two little boys would just be two more wasted lives. . . . . . Doc

  • Simon

    Yeah, however difficult it was to leave for us, it was always worth it to make sure they have a normal, bright future away from the life-wasting clutches of the WTS.

    And counter to what the WTS would have people believe, they are not evil or criminal or anything else the WTS thinks people will become without their "guidance". They are the most respectful kids you can imagine, certainly more so than many of the WTS brats / yobs I've seen over the years.

    They had friends round for one of their birthdays and wanted us out the house (after we dropped of pizza). We came back to them all round the kitchen table playing chess. Yes, they're the worst teenagers ever, the lot of them (their friends are all good kids too).

  • blondie

    There were some in the Dallas Fort Worth area that organized gatherings some years ago; they posted here but no longer.

    Someone has to organize it and get some support for people nearby.

    I went to one in Michigan and down to Chicago and to one some time ago in Wisconsin. People heal and want a life that doesn't revolve around the WTS. Others stick around to help others and to keep up on the "new" things because of their family still in.

    So pick a location, a date, and put it out there on JWN or (there is a charge with meetup). See who responds.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I just want to say that that photo on the beach is beautiful. The waves in the background, the slightly sea-sprayed couple, the implied motion, the interaction. It's just a gorgeous, gorgeous moment caught on camera.

    I hope you have that one framed and sitting on the nightstand.

  • Quarterback

    OK, I setting up a meet-up location. Nov 30/16 at the Tim Horton's, Toronto Canada @ 2:00 pm. Who's coming?

  • Quarterback

    I was there waiting at Tim's and where were you guys?

  • Joyzabel

    😂 Oh no. But try again. Can't meet new friends unless you try

    good luck!

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