Disfellowshipping Sounds Wonderful to Me Now

by xjwsrock 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • xjwsrock

    2 people were read out last week as disfellowshipped. Of course now the announcement is read "So and so is no longer one of Jehovahs Witnesses". They read that statement twice, once for each of the names.

    The statement sounded wonderful to me. I was shocked at my reaction. It used to be such a taboo thing. So solemn. Even sad. But now for me it is different. I honestly don't want to be one of Jehovahs Witnesses anymore, but I am staying in to slowly get my wife out. This time when I heard the announcement, I didn't hear sad at all. I heard relief. I heard honesty. I heard a clean slate.

    If it happens to me one day, I will celebrate it. I will throw myself a coming out party.

    With that said, my heart goes out to the people dealing with hurt from shunning.

    But honestly I envied the two persons being read out. I wanted to be them.

  • LisaRose
    Yes, it's shocking how quickly your feelings change once you learn tatt isn't it? Instead of shame and failure, it's freedom to live your life on your own terms.
  • Dunedain
    @ - xjwsrock - Did you personally know the 2 people that were DF'd, or were they just "names" of people you hadnt met?
  • xjwsrock
    They were just names to me.
  • Dunedain
    @ - xjwsrock - Got ya, i thought it might have been interesting to know, what they were DF'd for. Like if it was "apostasy", or something like that.
  • Divergent

    As a JW, I actually loved it when people (none of whom were close to me) were disfellowshipped. Since JW's are expected to live up to high requirements (many man-made, as I now found out), I felt good that other people could not live up to these requirements, not just me!

  • sparrowdown
    And you cry true tears of joy.
  • kairos

    Being DF'd is actually pretty good.

    I really enjoy my freedom. I don't have to answer to anyone anymore.
    No more privileges, either.

    No more wasted time chasing "everlasting life".

    One of my favorites is no longer feeling guilty.

  • mana11
    Why don't you contact them and give them a personal congratulations. They may appreciate the support.
  • stillin

    When my wife was disfellowshipped, she told me that it was a relief to not have to deal with the people. She felt that it was just her and Jehovah working things out. She got reinstated and has been a royal b*tch ever since. I missed my opening for an escape.

    ah, hindsight. Such a cruel teacher.

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