Do You Believe In A “Deep State”?

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  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Watch all 10 parts of the fall of the cabal on bit chute and then we can discuss

  • ragingmad

    Satan is the deep state. I believe that the spy/intelligence community (who are all friendly and share with their enemies) are behind the end of the world.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Rulership has to be justified. If you win a war - might is what gives power but might fails.

    When the Pope handed out vials of oil to anoint various rulers, the populations believed in the Pope's right because he claimed to be acting on Jesus Christ's behalf. Christian values are the best form of social glue and if the poplulation can't read, few can challenge dodgey practices of those higher up.

    Anyone managing a team knows they have to take people with them. So does a ruler. So how do you convince people of authority?

    Napoleon used his military/celebrity status. He also got religion. He knew he could not console the poor but religion was a comfort for the poor.

    A ruler has to maintain a status quo - unless you have actually ruled a population, you don't know all the techniques used to manage a country. But if your country used to be Christian, then you've become so powerful you are ruling countries with different religions - you've got to do a PR job to present yourself as a multi-faith atheist.

    Deep state? Yes deep hole. If they the keep going they should pass the event horizon. But they gotta go some to catch up WT. But hey, the ever-helpful publishers have been busy writing letters to the authorities.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Music can also provide a social glue. Can really make you feel part of something as the publishers here are demonstrating. See they have something really special to share with the authorities.

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