Do You Believe In A “Deep State”?

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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I am surprised you ask but I have assumed you have heard of George Orwell's 1984 because it is well known.

    Orwell's novel, 1984 describes the Ministry of Truth which Orwell based on the BBC. Behind the scenes Big Brother manipulated everything using newspeak and double think. The Ministry of Truth was Big Brother's platform for giving out information to control everyone.

    1984 is supposed to be a criticism of the left from the left. Many feel it reflects the way Watchtower acts. I added in the information about Jimmy Savile because this man (in the UK) had a bad reputation among his colleagues in the BBC but nothing was ever done about him. Given what we have learnt about Watchtower's cover ups from the Australian Royal commission etc I thought I'd add it in.

  • minimus

    I was referring to Savile .

  • Vidiot

    I tried to find the Deep State.

    I wanted to sign up.

    They wouldn't return my calls.

  • RickJones

    Answer ..... no I'm not stupid

    Conspiracy theorist are though

  • peacefulpete

    Its a perennial religious and political storyline to conjure secret hidden enemies opposing the protagonist.

    To someone deeply vested in a cause that seems to be experiencing unexplainable resistance , an evil, just behind the curtain, is an almost irresistible necessity. e.g. Demons that haunt the world are why people can't bring peace, the secret cabals, the Illuminati, and now the "Deep State". These theories offer simple easy answers to why the world is the complicated place it is, and at the same time explain failure to make others consent to the changes we want.

    To be certain this temptation to assume an organized invisible enemy is hardly unique to the political Right. It seems to me that the current Left's cause of racial equality has its own tendenz to assume racism as "systemic" in law enforcement. Of course , money is power, and yes, organizational cultures are real, but our minds hunger for a more universalizing simplicity, a secret enemy that just eludes our ability to specify.

  • Realbavman

    How do we know anything anymore? Everyone lies.

  • minimus

    Peacefulpete, just believe what you are told.

  • RickJones

    Critical analytical thinking has its assets

  • millie210

    Those are some somnolent sounding posts up above!

    Do this, go look up how many political posters (I mean professional people and reporters - not just a guy in a basement) are having themselves removed from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for stating things that are not in violation of the TOS - it just is not on liberal agenda

    Ask yourself why not 6 months ago? Why now?

    If you want to get extra credit go find out why these glorified gamers who are now billionaires have a right to decide what you will..... for lack of a better term, decide?

  • GrreatTeacher

    Apparently Ben Stein was Deepthroat.

    "Bueller? Bueller?"

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