"The purpose of reporting field service time is for encouragement"

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  • Annon

    I do not know how recording hours spent standing by a cart speaking to no one can be a measure of anything, except compliance with man made rules. Of course helping the elderly or any kind of real caring for others is not recorded, hence to expression "I can't visit that old sick sister/brother I need to get my time in" .

  • Diogenesister

    They always talk about blood having to be "poured out on the ground" and the blood of Jesus being "poured out as a sin offering" on behalf of mankind.

    But Jesus blood was never literally poured out, and the blood poured out as a sin offering was never intended for Christians to do.

    Most of all, as has been noted, David and his men ate meat with the blood in extremis, because the symbol is less important than the life itself.

  • Diogenesister

    I have no problem with a works based form of Christianity. But if JWism is a works based form, why not record the works you do....visiting the sick, doing chores for the elderly, donating to a food bank for the poor.


    Because none of that helps the finances of the Watchtower babble and CRAP Society.

  • Normalfulla


    I had an argument with my once best friend (now elder) that aux pioneering should not be announced and glorified. ..u know the announcement and the clapping. ..

    I argued that although a pledge was made to do the hours ,they get the glory by way of announcementand clapping etc but if they fail to make hours what happens? Nothing , so ....

    Isn't service to jah (jw.org) personal?

    Isn't it the same thing for someone to pledge to go to 100% of the meetings that month ? Why don't they get announced and applauded?

    He argued it was encouraging.., I said na if someone wants to do.x amount of hours it's between them and God not in need of quantification by public acknowledgement by the cong ... nek minit shunned lol

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I think the purpose of field service hours being reported is to keep JWs busy and consumed in the cult. It's hard to realize how happy you can be without all the WT propaganda when you're constantly trying to meet a quota or rushing to meet your monthly deadline. "Staying busy in the service" is a cunning way to keep JWs on a hamster wheel that does't permit down-time to experience what real life is like. What true contentment is. What time to think critically can do for us.

  • Finkelstein

    The counting of hours of service, literature placements and bible studies by publishers and the congregations they are in is done so the CO can review the " Spirituality " level and value each congregation has.

    Its also a tool to imposed guilt, obligation and shame toward the endeavoring agenda of the so called preaching the Gospel by publishers or pioneers to distribute the WTS's literature,

    The Watchtower Corporation is really a corrupt religious publishing house.

  • stuckinarut2

    Spot on @wake me up! Spot on indeed

  • EverApostate

    When I was in as a JW, reporting the Field service time seemed to be the most silliest thing to do. Very often I wondered, why would an Almighty god necessitate this time reporting, as this is a Corporate method of reporting to get paid.

    Keeping track of time, serving god, is like keeping track of the time we help our parents or loved ones. Isn't that Stupid and silly ?

    Watchtower with its time reporting mechanism, blatantly proves that it is yet another tight control Business corporation .

  • Londo111

    JW encouragement = fear, obligation, guilt

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    To the point...The purpose is to be seen....if witnesses were to help mankind, it has to be seen...nothing else would ever do. Plus many have heard that JW's are the only one's that go out and should keep up the good work. Once they asked at the hall, how many came into the Truff, via door to door....Silence...The fuller brush man and Avon are no longer knocking on doors....duh..

    I'm a witness & I go out...I like being with the friends...but once in a while someone opens the door...& we stand there like ...now what ? Most of the folks in the area know us, no biggy...see witnesses don't care if they get converts, they are doing what they think Jesus/God is commanding them to do...the other one they do is go to the meetings...that's the extent of what witnesses can & will do...as long as they do what is commanded by the GB's...they are good. But here's the kicker...they always feel empty or not doing enough...why? Because they don't...oh yeah, some needed to change some of their ways, but witnesses take decent folks and make them judgmental and bitter....& think too much of themselves...Many of them see the world helping others but do they, no...just hand out paper and standing around...so in their quiet moments, they feel they are not doing enough and guess what, they are not...

    I guess it can be encouraging but only if you get someone with a good ear, like your field service partner...it's all about the #'s....also field service keeps you on that wheel so you don't know what's going on in the world or in the org....keep'em busy...


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