"The purpose of reporting field service time is for encouragement"

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  • Done

    My ex used to aux pioneer just for the recognition. After 3-4 times of aux pioneering during the special low hours months and not making the hours commitment, I asked the service committee why they approved her app again when she hadn't made her time the last 3-4 times. They told me she said she would make it this time- nope didn't happen

  • smiddy3

    S3: correction, only .016 % of jws are content with the [symbolic] blood of JC, by accepting it as partakers. The vast majority reject even that symbol, the wine. hopefully one day soon, they will reject it all.

    I stand corrected waton ,we can only hope.

  • BluesBrother

    In theory the o/p is correct . They do say it is for encouragement. I was told by a very practicable old P/O we once had , with connections in high places.....that the Society knew that if we stopped collecting reports the amount of ministry done would nosedive.

    It is a performance monitor , like a business. Your employers might judge you on sales stats or production output, they judge members by the reports.

    It is a meritocracy.

  • Hecce


    Reporting started with the colporteurs (travelling salesman) and it was a way of showing their placements (sales), they had to remit a portion of the sales proceeds to the branch and then new supplies were sent to them.

    Eventually it was adopted for everyone with a heavy emphasis in placements, separate columns for books, booklets, subscriptions and magazines.

    We have information about this in the forum and even sample forms,

  • Alive!

    Keeping time, announcing Aux and Reg Pioneers created unneccessary 'ranks' within the ranks....I myself succumbed to the temptation to be one of the 'extra-spiritual' ranks by aux pioneering occassionally. I did do it out if a desire to please God, but I can't help admitting that the external pressure of being 'seen' to be acceptably spiritual was part of the whole thing. We had no choice, it's set up that way.

    I came to see this as unhealthy way to be seen as 'spiritual'.

    Calling brothers 'pioneers', 'Aux pioneers'...who needs this in an already stressful and competitive world?

  • NewYork44M

    The result of reporting time is coercive control over the r&f.

    Reporting time serves no purpose other than to identify slackers within the congregation.

  • zeb

    One of the things that pushed me out was the account of the wt revealing the fs records of young male brothers to the then south African govt to determine whether they were 'spiritual' enough to avoid army service.

    In short the recording of hours is about power.

  • FedUpJW

    Somewhat off topic of reporting time, but I heard the same argument at the recent assembly day about speaker inroductions.

    The circuit overseer went on about how some feel that it should not be included in speaker introductions what their position in the congregation is and how long they have been pioneers. He continued that that information is included as "encouragement to others that they can to do more".

    Funny that the one speaker is introduced as Bro. So-And-So, who serves as the COBE from -----,---- congregation, and in the full time service for two years. Those two years were in the early sixties, and he has never in the fifteen years I have known him went door to door. Only RV's, and counts them all as door step Bible studies.

  • Vidiot
    "The purpose of reporting field service time is for encouragement"

    Funny, I never felt particularly "encouraged" when I reported field service.

  • Vidiot
    "Calling brothers 'pioneers', 'Aux pioneers'...who needs this in an already stressful and competitive world?"

    Authoritarian leader-types thrive on stress and competition.

    So much so, in fact, that I suspect they can't understand why most people don't.

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