"The purpose of reporting field service time is for encouragement"

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  • HereIgo

    I was told this when I was an aspiring JW, aka unbaptized publisher. The above explanation didn't make sense to me then and it never did make sense throughout my JW career. Over time, it appeared to me the real purpose of field service time reporting was to gauge one's spirituality and for the CEO *cough* CO to make sure the elders were on top of things during his visit.

  • Crazyguy

    I was told just a couple of years ago by an elder during my Jc meeting that going out in service is encouragement as well. I made the statement that no ones coming into the religion anymore from the door to door ministry. Funny thing is they didn't disagree.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It sounds like boasting to me and what does the bible say about boasting....

  • waton

    It is the only "charitable" activity that wt can claim, provided free by, and tabulated from the members, totally unrelated to the incoming cash flow. reported monthly to fool the governments tax men.

  • slimboyfat

    Well I always enjoyed reading the worldwide report in the yearbook, and I realised they could only compile the report if I submitted my report. So I had no problem doing it.

  • zeb

    during a court case in Australia the wt lawyers stated that no one is required to log their 'hours' not be wt, the elders or anyone . Witnessing is their (the individuals) personal mission.

    This drew an almighty "HUH?" form the public gallery.

  • pale.emperor

    Was i the only JW that found the ministry a compulsion? A drudge? Waste of time and a burden?

    Walking past the 2nd school on a Sunday where all the elders and their families were eating lunch, hoping i could walk past quick enough that they wouldnt shout "why arnt you going out on the ministry?"

  • konceptual99

    The purpose of the field ministry and reporting it is whatever it needs to be to justify any one of a long list of cult control mechanisms.

  • smiddy3

    JW`s claim their religion is based on first century Christianity .

    Where in the NT do believers count their time spent in the ministry.?

    Where in the Bible did Christians ever refuse a blood transfusion , oops transfusions didnt exist then.

    However king Davids men ate meat that was not bled according to the law and he and his men were not held accountable ever ,why not ?

    Because human life was at stake.

    Yet Jehovah`s Witnesses sacrifice the life of their members Adults and Children with their no blood policy rather than save a human life.

    According to the Christian Scriptures only Jesus blood was to be shed on behalf of mankind , however JW`s are not content with just Jesus shed blood they offer up man Woman and Child to shed their blood to Christ Jesus /Jehovah

  • waton
    JW`s are not content with just Jesus shed blood they offer up man Woman and Child to shed their blood to Christ Jesus /Jehovah,,,

    S3: correction, only .016 % of jws are content with the [symbolic] blood of JC, by accepting it as partakers. The vast majority reject even that symbol, the wine. hopefully one day soon, they will reject it all.

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