The Stupidity of the "Preaching Work" ...

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    This came up in another thread and I wondered if any one else thought this way while they were still in....

    - that it is actually BETTER NOT TO PREACH as people who don't hear "the truth" are said to be given a resurrection rather than the poor saps who refused a paltry magazine and now merit everlasting destruction.

  • tim3l0rd

    Funny enough, even though I believed that those who had not heard the "Good News" would probably survive the Big A, I never thought that it would be better to not preach at all. I'm sure it was full-on CD causing my brain to short-circuit. Preaching was ingrained in me as a child and I always felt that it was my duty so I couldn't question it.

    I've presented that same question to my wife and I can see her brain trying to reason that question away. I know it messes with the perfectly constructed world in her head, but I can't quit trying to get her to think.

  • jookbeard
    the most criminal waste of time I ever engaged in ever, the second was on quickbuilds, the leaders obsession with thinking it keeps the R&F busy and "in tow" is totally blown apart as it develops so much apathy even among them. Your second sentence makes perfect sense if a thing possibly could in their distorted world.I never did it but the countless reports I still hear of ex dubs like ourselves of not even pressing the doorbells just goes to show how pointless it always was, I used to wish that no one would answer though, towards the end of my life as a dub I would just pretend to go out and would head to a local diner or cafe. An often used illustration I would always speak about or go over in my head would be to conduct a survey in one of the most busiest parts in my capital city, a very busy railway station, an airport, a shopping area etc and ask the masses of the general public what is The Kingdom of God that the Jehovahs witnesses have been preaching about in the UK for over 100 years, the guaranteed response is that the only thing they know about jw's is that they dont take blood, dont celebrate Christmas or birthdays, and now cover over a paedophile scandal, you can be sure that the masses of the British public's stock answer would be very similar, the UK's population is 64 million, a pathetic attempt in spreading a life saving message indeed.
  • Crazyguy
    The elders at my jc asked if I was going to go back out in service. I said what's the point the internet is telling everyone to stay away and if God won't stop the lies from chasing everyone away then why bother.
  • Dunedain

    @ - Muddy Waters - I have OFTEN thought the exact same thing, both when i was "IN", and "out". I often liken it to the JW's, when doing the preaching work, are like "executioners" going door to door. They might as well be wearing black hoods, and holding axes, and nooses to hang the innocents.

    If you dont take their literature, or if you turn them away, then THAT is your judgement. It gives the R&F, a false sense of importance, and in their own minds, they have the "power to judge fellow humans". How, ridiculous, and what nerve, these ones have. This is something from the top, all the way down to the bottom. This "attitude" is pervasive amongst the R&F, and its done by most of the R&F JW's.

    They feel they are better than everyone else. Only they are worthy to "judge" others, and when preaching to the masses, they think they are carrying out Gods judgement. What a "crock of shit". The audacity of these people, with their over inflated egos, and their delusions of grandeur.

    Instaed of bibles, and magazines, they might as well be carrying axes, swords, guns, and knives. By their own twisted logic, they have BLOOD on their hands, EVERY time they do the preaching work.

  • Saved_JW

    "And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached through all the inhabited earth, for a witness to all the Kingdoms and then the end will come" -Matthew 24:14

    This is the verse used to Justify the preaching work of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Recently I had a one on one with an active JW Pioneer for about 4 hours. I asked him:

    "I understand what Jehovah's Witnesses DONT believe [Christmas, birthdays etc..] but what do they actually stand FOR?"

    It took him a few seconds, visibly disoriented from the question. His reply was "Good question"

    One of the most amazing reactions I have ever seen. Here JW's are, claiming to go from door to door preaching the "Good news" a message of salvation, and he cannot tell me what they stand for?

    I remember when I first realized this as an active JW, I realized that the "Good News" I was preaching had nothing to do with scripture, I opened the door of my desk and the first Awake Magazine I saw had to do with Global Warming. I laughed because I always felt really good about myself for bringing the good news from door to door, but that news had nothing to do with the good news / gospel of scripture.

  • Dunedain

    @ - Saved_Jw - What that pioneer for over 4 years, should have said, was that "we stand for announcing Jehovahs KINGDOM". Thats what their message should be. The whole "purpose" should be announcing Gods kingdom, and that Jesus is King, ruling that kingdom, temporarily.

    Whether its right, or wrong, or real, or imagined, doesnt matter for this conversation. Its that THAT is what they SHOULD be "standing for". The problem is, that MOST JW's do not even understand this, and definiately do not "preach" this from door to door. By their own rhetoric, they should be, but they usually dont.

    The fact that a pioneer could not answer even, that most basic fundamental reason for being a JW, shows that most are their for "pioneer status", or look at it as a "lifestyle".

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Does this explain why my parents and sister don't try to convert their own family members?

  • steve2

    Field service, and all the tedious preparation for it, keeps you busy, occupied, distracted. These are crucial states of mind to prevent you from carefully thinking through the vanity of it all.

    Now close that laptop - and mind - and get out there door-knocking.....

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    The preaching work is nothing more than busy work; just a way to pass the time. Useless and worthless.


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