If "the Truth" is the truth, why are witnesses so scared of research?

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  • stuckinarut2

    It is an often asked question I know, but it perplexes me.

    If witnesses are so convinced that they have "the Truth", why is the act of researching information from external sources so taboo? Didn't the bible itself tell people to "use their powers of reason" and also praised ones like the Boreans for researching things they were told??

    Seriously, if there is no doubt about the organization being "god's channel" on earth, and it alone having the "truth", surely researching would only ENHANCE such 'facts'?


  • dubstepped

    Because they might find something "truthier" and the fallout from that rabbit hole is to great to bear. Deep down they know it doesn't all add up, but well...you know....cognitive dissonance. Thus, head in the sand. It's much more comfortable to feel right than to prove it.


    If "the Truth" is the truth, why are witnesses so scared of research?

    JW's don`t want to be educated..

    If you start educating yourself where does it end?!..

    What if you just finished making payments on your WBT$ Literature Cart?..


    Crap!!.....I love that Friggin Cart!..
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  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but when the "Elder" gave me the book on Families to see how I would react. I then I started to ask questions about the JW beliefs he refused to discuss JW beliefs with me. Instead after 5 years just sent me an email that said good bye have a nice life. I just thought that was just so strange that he would not discuss his beliefs.

  • Finkelstein

    JW religion is one that very much admonishes self investigation and evaluation, particularly from a theological standpoint..

    This is Jehovah's organization, so to be critical of it or the men who run and govern over it is deemed disrespectfully evil, punishable by god himself.

    .......but first the elders will get to you.

    Its a religion made up of rigidly enforced doctrines, the only true and pure worship of god as the propaganda goes.

    Being that the consequences of being openly questionable to those doctrines bring on the possibility of getting disfellowshiped, meaning losing all your associated friends and family members too, no wonder people are sacred to question

    There's that engaging aspect of fear once again.

  • flipper

    Good thread Stuckinarut . I feel that many JW's are afraid of doing research outside the WT organization - because they are TOLD and INSTRUCTED from the WT Society and CONDITIONED to BELIEVE from the WT Society that ANY information outside of the JW organization is dangerous to their " spirituality ". So through this insidious tactic they are mind controlled through " information control " to not even bother researching outside information because " Satan " is allegedly in control of all information not backed by the alleged " faithful slave " or GB. Translation : GB tells them to not even bother researching outside information because that information is backed by the " devil " and is considered all lies anyway by the WT leaders.

    Stuckinarut- JW's actually have a psychological disorder called " dissociative disorder" that clogs their brain neurotransmitters to not accept ANY information that is in disagreement with WT Society policies and beliefs. So until a JW's mind gets shaken up to doubt their belief system through injustice or trauma- that brain will CONTINUE to remain stuck in a " neutral " position believing unconditionally every word pouring out of the WT leaders mouth. It's actually not just a psychological condition- but a physiological condition as well. Until something causes a JW to experience cognizant dissonance- their mind stays " stuck " as it were in their belief systems.

    Check out any of Steve Hassans books on mind control and he gets into this combination psychological / physiological quandary that a person under cult mind control really goes through. Breaking free of this WT control is really a much more involved process than the public or even ex-JWs themselves really realize. It's a deeply imbedded mental condition that takes years to really get rid of entirely. Hassans website is : www.freedomofmind.com. I know your wife is awakening- that's one reason I kind of went into a deeper explanation of this. Sorry for my rambling. Good luck to you both ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    One thing I forgot to add- so these WT tactics are used by FEAR and GUILT being instilled in JW's minds- so that they won't question their beliefs on anything. Forgot to say this, take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • John_Mann

    If you have the ultimate truth, why bother to research lies?

    Of course fear is involved, but fear of Jehovah and not fear to read about lies from demons.

    That's how I used to think when I was a JW.

    JWism is a mental trap full of loops and dead-ends.

    I'd found the TTATT through a research in Wikipedia about the biblical Babylon.

  • kairos

    That is the $144,000 question!

  • tepidpoultry

    I like to be brief so I'm going to give my number one reason:

    Witnesses train themselves to have a number of Scriptural "proofs"

    in mind


    The "whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one"

    The Devil as a "roaring lion" is seeking to devour someone (them)

    This is the rationale as to why University has been pretty much banned,

    If you don't take measures to protect yourselves and you fall to

    the Devils "machinations" then your losing your salvation would be your


    You must keep up with regular study in WT publications and meeting

    attendance (brain washing)

    Stay away from contrary information

    Or you will fall OUT of the "Truth"

    Now you wouldn't want to do that

    And die at Armageddon!



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