"There Is No Servant InThe World As a Good Colored Servant"

by minimus 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    BUT....You'd make a good servant???

  • HoChiMin
    I've met Brother Herd. He's of a different mold.

    yeh a BLOW mold.

  • Simon

    It's interesting that the Catholic church changed it's attitude to race far before the WTS did.

    I recall reading things about this when I was doing a lot of research on the early WTS

  • Hamas

    You guys want proof ?

    We got proof.


    You want English worker ? Blonde hair, blue eyes ? Drink tea, scratch balls, cost you 3 times price my friend innit !

    ..... you wanna stay alive, stay with me.


  • berylblue
    Better dancers, singers, love-makers? Bwhahaha!!!!

    Not in my experience, SP.


  • gumby
    love-makers? Bwhahaha!!!!

    LOL Stinker shorts!

    I am a purebread ,white as can be, cracker honky, paleface, that agrees with you wholeheartedly.........accept for the love makin part

    I'll never no cuz I'm married to a honky and will have to take your word and about a billion other peoples word for it

    I think Blacks are better at things we are most familiar with ....hands down. Also......the NICEST current dubs that I have known since leaving the dubs have been two blacks. They are not related but always give me the warmest smile, and conversation and warm feelings about myself that the honkys.

    I feel if the blacks could have had all the chances the whities and the resy have had there would be even more relisation of their talents that they haven't been given a chance at. I love us whities too........so don't nobody get me wrong. I feel each color seems to have it's own peculiar talents as the Japaneese certainly have theirs, the Chineeze theirs, etc. ..Now......what the hell were we talkin about?


  • minimus

    Yes, I like black people, too, Gumby.

  • berylblue

    You know, Hamas, why did that guy in another post accuse you of never posting any facts? He congratulated you on finally posting one.

    It pissed me off, because here you are, once again, with the facts.

  • Brummie

    I have a freind who is black...so by default I cant be racist.

  • minimus

    Beryl and Hamas sittin' in a tree.....K I S S I N G....... Brummie, Just because you like R&B, it doesn't mean you know anything about this stuff.

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