Hockey season is coming up....YAY!

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  • Aztec

    C'mon all you hockey fans...who do you think is gonna win it this year? My prediction, as always, is the Red Wings. We got the Dominator back between the pipes and we lost Sergei to the Ducks...Bah! I still think we have a good shot at Stanley even without him. If the Wings don't get it I'm rooting for the Leafs and anyone playing against the Avholes...LOL! Apologies to any Av fans out there. I love ya but I hate your team. Hopefully, I'll get to go to a game this season....


  • JH

    I'm taking for the Buffalo Sabres this year. I might even go see a game or two. Detroit will finish last this year.

    What's important is not to have fun, but to win.

  • shotgun

    Aztec you truly are a gem...cute and you love hockey too...You are every Canadian males dream girl.

    If you say you like fishing too I might have to take a cold shower

    I have to root for the Canucks....They didn't hire anybody in the off season so well see.....They still require a little stronger defence I beleive or an outstanding goaltender...Cloutier is good but he's not outstanding.

  • rocketman

    Right now, at the height of baseball season, and with football looming, for me it's too early to be thinking hockey. Heck, it feels like the season just ended.

    But, because Aztec is such a sweetie, I must chime in and say that Colorado, by getting Paul Kariya, and with the talent they have, look like they could win the thing. But one must consider the Wings, especially with Hasek back.

  • Aztec

    JH, you need to be slapped.

    Shotgun, I do like fishing. ;-) Root for Detroit and we'll make you an honourary Detroiter k? :-D Montreal is a decent team. They are the only team who has more Stanley Cup wins to their name than Detroit. I think they have 24 to Detroit's 10. Something like that....LOL

    Rocketman, baseball is boring (I may be saying that because the Tigers suck so bad...LOL) and football is great (the Lions actually may win more than 3 games this year...YAY!) but hockey is my first love. Don't you dare go rooting for the Avholes! I hope they finish in last place, Kariya or no Kariya. Blech...patooey!!!


  • Gopher

    I don't know who'll take home Lord Stanley's cup...But the Minnesota Wild team went to the conference finals against Anaheim last season... not too bad. I expect the Wild to continue to surprise people, because of their coach-of-the-year Jacques Lemaire and his disciplined system, plus improved play from younger players led by the Slovakian sensation, Marian Gaborik, who may be the best young player in the league.

  • czarofmischief

    Pittsburgh Penguins all the way.

    Mario! Here we go!


  • iiz2cool

    It'll be Toronto Maple Leafs all the way!!! Damn! I say that every year!

    You're right Aztec, the Avalance sux big time. That's why we threw them out of Canada! (Quebec)

    Why don't we get some action going here? How about the X-JW's of the first city to get eliminated from the playoffs hosts a bash for the X-JW's of the city that wins the cup? (I'm taking a BIG chance here)

    Any takers?

    Canadian District Overbeer

  • micheal

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!

  • Lutece

    Go Wings!

    Get to a game Aztec, even when they lose, the wings are fun to watch, they have control of the puck 80% more than the other team and it's great to watch how they handle it.

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