Hockey season is coming up....YAY!

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  • heathen

    Dallas Stars !!!!!!!!!! I love hockey !!!! Bring on da game baby!!!!!!!

  • tinkerbell82

    i think i'm supposed to root for dallas as well...i've never been to a hockey game, arrowstar's volunteered to take me to a game and educate me if i come to TX.

  • heathen

    Tinkerbell82--- I'm sure you wont regret it . There is no finer entertainment or team . I haven't been to the AA center but went to reunion and loved every minute of it . I tend to watch just about every stars game every year . I am actually kinda glad when the season ends so I can get away from the TV. lol


    I was 5 when the Leafs last won the Stanley Cup (1967).

    How long will it before they win the next one: my retirement?

    Grr.....they got real close a two seasons ago.

    You know Aztec, I'll root for the Red Wings IF the Leafs are not playing against them.

    The Avs:

    See, us Great Lakes folks do have some comradry afterall.

  • Aztec

    Goph, I like the Minnesota Wild, they surprised me last year. I wish them nothing but the best.:-)

    Czar, dream on........LOL!

    Walter, at least we have a common hate of the Av's......ahahahhaha! If only I could get my bud Jourles to realize the error of his ways.......

    Michael, I love the Leafs secondly, after my Wings of course,....go Leafs!

    Lutece, I will make it to a game, I promise! I'll post pics. Glad to have you back posting. :-)

    Heathen and Tinkerbell, you can join Arrow in her love of Mike Modano but, I guarantee, the Stars ain't goin nowhere this year! ;-)

    Raybies, we are so like-minded it's not even funny....smooch!


  • obiwan

    Bah! Humbug!

  • arrowstar

    GO STARS!!!

    Now, having said that...

    The Wings are good. Plain and simple. Solid contenders. Always.

    The Wild are the Cinderella team. Who's butt did they kick last year? Everyone's. Watch for them.

    The Stars...well, much as I love my Stars...I think this is going to be a year for re-building and such. I'm just as proud as I can be that Modano is the captain....but we lost something really big letting Hatcher go to the Wings. Just like when we let Hull go to the Wings.

    Which brings us full circle back to the Wings...


    DIE DUCKS DIE!! (sorry...habit)

    Lisa of the biggest Modano fan in history tribe

  • Aztec

    ((Lisa)) I had to tell you...I framed two Mike Modano signed hockey jerseys for some transplanted Dallas folks and they came out lovely. As soon as I saw them I thought of you. I hand cut a mat into the shape of the Stars logo and attached a pic of Mike with the couples son and incorporated it into the framing. Funny thing is, even the husband seemed to have a crush on Mike...LOL! I comply with your hatred of the Ducks...they kicked our a$$ in the first round and stole my Sergei! Grrrr!

    I can hardly wait....


  • AlanF

    The Avalanche!


  • arrowstar

    Aztec - were that close to a Modano signed jersey? I have a Modano signed puck. Let me assure you that I removed the protective case and touched the puck because he had touched the puck. How crazy is that?? oh well...we all have our quirks.

    BUT..<jumpin' up and down> guess WHAT?!?! A girlfriend of mine (who knows lots of people in ...advantageous places) called me while I was out of town to tell me ...get this...that one of her FRIENDS (she went to high school with him) hangs out with in MODANO!!! <giddyschoolgirlsqueal> Anyway, she was telling him "I've got someone who would love to meet you" and she proceeds to tell him about my obsession... stalking...fondness (yeah...that's it...fondness) for Modano. Apparently, he's cracking up and says to her..."Well, we'll have to see about getting everyone together sometime." I'm surprised you didn't hear me yell all the way up in Detroit.

    GAWD how I love hockey!!

    Lisa of the "I'm gonna meet Modano at something besides an autograph session" class

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