2017 Sunday RC Final Talk & Comments About 1975

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  • smiddy

    About the 1 hour mark he quotes the prophecy made about the king of the south the Anglo American world power according to JW interpretation of the book of Daniel , which I gather they still adhere to.

    He failed to mention that they also identified the USSR as the king of the North of Daniels prophecy and that the two of them together would come against each other bringing on the GT and the big A .

    Reallity check : The USSR does not exist anymore theirfore the king of the North is no longer identifiable.

    Ref.: "Your Will Be Done On Earth" the green book

    So if their is no king of the North at this time Daniels prophecy cannot be fullfilled .

    No Great tribulation ,No Armageddon.,not in the foreseeable future anyway.

  • Lostandfound

    In 1975, what was the position of the present Governing Body members then, babies, teenagers, twenries, thirties, or what , some of them MUST have experienced first hand the Society's manipulation of people to sell up, pioneer, the end is not near it's at the front door. Someone among them must have read and heard all the hype over 1975, aand the far less than apology attempt years later of blaming the brothers for believing it. I have said before, similar to the Titanic owners blaming, not the Iceberg, but the passengers, rushing to one side of ship to see the iceberg and So boat capsizing, the passengers to blame ! The Iceberg of 1975 was an amazing escape for the WT, how they survived is incredible, yet still today, they peddle blame onto those who believed their previous proclamations.

  • eyeuse2badub


    What I was trying to say about "new light" was not so much the current wt spin on Matt 10:23 but rather the expression that the gb helper used when he used the phrase "extreme view"!

    just saying!

  • westiebilly11

    ref points made about kings of north/south, when we queried their identities, we were told by the PO that they could change identies and that the kings could refer to any opposing world powers.....a catch all, I guess!

  • Nimble duck
    Nimble duck

    It's interesting to be exposed to both those who defend the watchtower blindly to the end on the 1975 issue and also those who are irritated by it, yet stick, somehow, to the organization through it all.

    For they who accept the biblical account, or at least the historical one, the majority of Jews in Jerusalem stayed till the Romans butchered them like cattle. (see Josephus)

    I imagine their blessed religious leaders were there to keep them all in line so that the Roman Machine could grind their bones to powder.

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