2017 Sunday RC Final Talk & Comments About 1975

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  • truth_b_known

    Victim blaming at its finest.

    It's your fault you sold you house and quit your job to pioneer. We never told you to do that. If the elders and circuit overseers browbeat you if you didn't sell your house and pioneer, that's on those imperfect men.

  • StarTrekAngel

    When was the video played? I attended Sat PM and Sunday PM (yes I got to see that one talk) but I did not see the video about 1975

  • freddo

    And in twenty years time GB 3.0 will go on about how "some people" didn't like the generation change of 1995 because they were serving to a date ...

    Luke 21 v 8 ...

  • Sanchy

    ..beyond the part where he refers to the 1975 fiasco, the speaker goes on to explain how all of the bible prophecies regarding our time have been fulfilled, even saying that "no prophecy remains to be fulfilled before the great tribulation".

  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    My husband for years has always said exactly what the society keep saying, that 'some' 'or a few individuals' were looking to 1975. He always said and still says that those individuals were only in our congregation! We would argue all the time about it. I said all the time that it was in the literature, he denied it. I could not prove it because I did not have any to show him from back then, but I knew I was right and I was annoyed that they kept lying about it.

    I can't believe they are so blatantly lying about it again. What this brother is saying will just reaffirm to my husband that he was right and I was wrong.

    I stopped going years ago, mainly because certain ones kept denying that the society had ever put in print anything about 1975. There were some other little niggling things too but mainly 1975.

    They just continue to lie. Most of them believe every lie they are told.

  • Bugbear

    I was baptized 1974. It was the top of the 1975 expectations. And no one in my cong, was expecting anything other than the great tribulation. I personally know some families that sold their houses and took their children out of school. They bought a caravan and drive up north to preach for those who hadn´t the opportunity to listen to the good news. They were regarded as truthfully “spiritual models” on how a true JW should act in times “like this”. I also recall CO/DC interviewing these “spiritual” models on assemblies, and encourage all others to follow theirs example. I wonder were those people are today?

  • Crazyguy

    Sanchy, is this the last talk that he says this?

  • sparky1

    "They were regarded as truthfully "spiritual models" on how a true JW should act in times "like this". I also recall CO/DC interviewing these "spiritual" models on assemblies, and encourage all others to follow theirs example. I wonder where these people are today?"-Bugbear

    My entire family had been interviewed many times at assemblies as a 'model' spiritual family pre-1975 fiasco. Today all but one are inactive! I hope that answers part of your question, Bugbear.

  • Dreamerdude

    The speaker, introduced as George, appears to be in denial about the cause of the expectations surrounding 1975. He and his family have huge sunk costs. He has been employed at wt for 42 years and at age 60 or so he has few other job prospects and likely no way to support himself in retirement. His employer made up this stuff about 1975 and pushed it hard. If he blames them, he loses his livelihood.

    My impression is that this is type of self flagellation, or, to use a communist era term, "self criticism". Instead of admitting he was duped by Freddy and wt, he takes the blame upon himself, and brags that he was able to get over it by keeping it in his head and not letting it go to his own treacherous heart. It's what he needs to do to feel good about an awful situation. Or maybe he suffers from folie a deux. Any jw under 60 will take him at his word, if they are still asleep. Older ones will try hard to agree with him.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW religion is based on the imaginative ramblings of religious loonies, notably Russell and Franz.

    I remember Fred Franz towards the end of his life, at the opening of a new WT building at Mill Hill Bethel north-west London. He said in a wistful tone “Perhaps we will look back at some time in the future and see how 1975 fits into the divine scheme of things” (or words very close to this).

    The whole JW organisation is founded on such flimsy waffle passed off as divine pronouncements!

    The trick they perform is to tell the gullible sheep that “such and such is true”, followed by the non-sequitur that “Jehovah cannot lie”.

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