My Mothers Ultimate Rejection

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  • What Now?
    What Now?

    I went into my mother's office to leave her a small note to say that we love and miss her and would love to get together. I found this on her desk. This is Jehovah's Witnesses. She's apparently forgotten that she doesn't have two daughters, she has three. And her only grandchildren are my kids. While i was in the hospital giving birth to my newest daughter seven weeks premature, and then spending a month with her in the NICU, this is what my mother was doing. Putting plans in place to ensure that I never see her again, even in sickness or death

  • Xanthippe

    I'm so sorry What Now? I feel your pain, really I do. My mother rejected me and her only granddaughter for the sake of that cult, only relying on her other two daughters and son. I am sorry this hurts so much. I can only say it will get better. It's not her, it's the brainwashing.

    The pain stems from, if my mother can't love me then WTF! I know! So sorry. Sending you a hug ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    It's okay to see your worldly grandchildren if you get sick. Is that a new rule?

    Nobody should be treated like this by their mom. I hope her "jw family" is pleased.

    Sorry for you to have to go through this, What Now.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Ugh. How horrific. Right when you were leaving a note for her wanting to get together. Sheesh. I am so sorry. Here is the issue I run into. If my mother was to shun me, I don't think I could allow the grandchildren to visit her. First for obvious indoctrination reasons. 2nd, I feel as though i am tacitly teaching them that sort of behavior is ok and excusable on some level......which it is not.

    Yet.....I would hate for my little ones to grow up without access to their only grandparents. In the end, I feel like myself and my immediate family are a package deal. I need to teach my kids that loyalty to your blood matters.

    Am i reading it right that she is doing this partially on behalf of your sisters? You guys have a bad relationship?

  • Lostwun

    Hugs to you. The way those that are supposed to be flesh and blood can treat one another because of faith is sickening.

    Hang in there. 🐻🐻

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Xanthippe - yes it's a very painful thing to have to face. Like, I will always be a person that 98% of the people in my life walked away from, even my own mother.

    Problemaddict2 - my dad is inactive, my mother and two sisters are witnesses. They have shunned me and my family for the past two years. The kids have not seen or spoken to my mother or sisters either, for that exact reason - my family is a package deal. I have never told her that she's not allowed to see my kids, in fact on multiple occasions I have reached out to her to see if she would like to spend some time with our family, but she's never replied.

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Iown Mylife - none of my extended family are witnesses only her and my sisters. They've distanced themselves from the rest of my family over the past couple of years because of the situation with us. But how terrible that she would deny them - her aunts, uncles, cousins etc - The chance to visit her if she was sick or attend a memorial for her if she died

  • Funchback

    I'm very far removed from the JWs. With that being said, when I was on the fence of whether the JWs are the "truth" or not, it was examples like this that helped me fact, know...that the JW religion is nothing other than a cult.

    I hope one day your mom and sisters wake up before it's too late.

  • sinboi

    I am new here. I understand and share your pain. Please be strong!

  • scratchme1010

    I'm so sorry to hear about this. You certainly don't deserve such treatment. Please keep in mind that you are a nice, good, valuable and decent human being, and your mom may be that too, but she's brainwashed by a high control group.

    I'm sure that you have other people who love and support you. Make sure to have them with you. Only time will tell who is the one showing the right morals.

    Please keep taking care of yourself and children.

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