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    Some really good ideas here...

    I like Frannie's ideas... I like the secret santa stuff too... try to do something every year... but wow... what a surprise someone would have if I won the lottery! Visit Smiley Central!

    Most important....my son would have no problems with affording his education!Visit Smiley Central!
    We would definately move... not too far, but far enough....just to keep the riff raf out....I'd keep it quiet too....I've seen what happens to relationships and expectations when someone comes into money....It ain't pretty....I'd have a house with a big property....probably buy up a farm and do it up...I'd love to have an orchard, gardens, and I'd do the barn up like a big party central! Two lane bowling alley... bar.. big party room, prolly a gym... ya know... all the fixins... I've seen it done before and it's awesome!

    I definately would have to have an A postafest!!!!! A big one...! Visit Smiley Central!Visit Smiley Central!

    I would have my own business too... help family out (my sister...and her wonderful family... by brother can rot...Visit Smiley Central! (well, I'd prolly still send something... but I wouldn't tell him it was me... lol...he could be my secret santa project for the year...lol) and some friends for sure... I would for sure donate to the board... Tanx Simon! Visit Smiley Central!

    but I'd want to keep it simple... make sure there was enough left to live on... just in case...

    Well, that was a fun little mental meandering.... Visit Smiley Central!


    of the that would be awesome class...

  • KGB

    First of all I do not gamble, second the state of Wyoming does not have legal gambling and third if there were or I was any of those things and if I did win there would be awhole lot of homeless and hungry women and children given a home and food to eat, and I would give it all away. I have what I need but there are so many who do not.......God Bless them...

  • tinkerbell82

    go to work, tell my boss exactly what i think of him and his creepiness, tell off every person i detest there, and quit in a glorious fit if glee.

    go to egypt, india and italy...then just keep traveling and never come back!!!

    buy my mom's house for her.

    and while i'm being perfectly honest, i'm sure i'd invest in some plastic surgery, nothing drastic, just the necessaries;)

  • frenchbabyface

    I don’t buy tickets … but :

    First I wouldn’t tell it to anyone

    In order: bills / house / adoption with at least a bus to take them out with a few lone mumies and their kids and lone grand mummies (to enjoy the kids) with and all of them in a big shelter so (the lone mummies will got a job also an educational programme if they feel like to do something else / business to make it grow a little bit within the lone mothers could also get a job / travels with and without the kids cause I’m not patient at all with kids when it’s time to rest / give my mom a chance to get a life – but wouldn’t give her a cent in her hand – cause she will give it to the borg – same for my sisters

    And for my baby boy (10 % or wathever) - and 3 BIG INSURANCES ON MY LIFE ! to be able to get the legacy without money trouble (here the government takes 60 % on your properties) to go further on his and mine and any once good projects

  • Outaservice



  • badolputtytat

    We have the lottery in Georgia... but I have never played it.....

    If I came into that much money, I have always wanted to open a "Rainbow House" type thing. You know, homeless teenagers. There are so many in this country. I would use the money I think to first stabalize their educational opprutunities, and of course there are living arrangements, clothes, food etc. If I had my choice about it, I would have all the "participants" run a business.... that would not only be educational, but give them a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps the money they made could then be used to supply medicine to those who are terminally ill??

    How much would you give the Society?

    Are we talking about billions of dollars here?? because if I get THAT rich.... there is no more "Sociey"... .... I think all those Kingdom Halls and Bethel farms would make grand "half-way" houses.


  • Hamas

    I'd go take a shower, in ice cold water

    And spend my last hours with my son and my daughter

  • pamkw

    I buy a ticket every now and then. I would move away from my family. They are driving me nuts. I would buy a house and an RV so I could travel to places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. I would hire a private tutor for my son. School is so stressful for him. I would probably buy my mom a nice place to live.I know her jw sensibilites would say she didn't like gambling, but she would not turn down a house or cold hard cash. I would help my sister finish getting her teaching degree. I would tell my jw little sister where she could stick any opinion of me she has. (Actually I am going to do that anyway, she just stated to other relatives she wishes I were dead.) Oh and I would never work again. But I would do something to help other single parents in ways I wish I could have gotten help when my kids were young.

    It's a nice dream but it will never happen.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Buy a new home - one floor and no stairs

    and a car

    and set up a college education fund for my grand-daughter

    and then set up an information and referral centre for ex-cult members with counselors for those who need it

  • alamb

    I have often thought there should be a retirement home/retreat for elderly ex-jw's with no family.

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