Watchtower Study Today from August 2017 issue " Wait Patiently"

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    And of course, with the birth rate far exceeding the JW baptismal rate, every day that Jehovah "waits patiently" before bringing Armageddon means hundreds of thousands more people will be slaughtered by the flaming hailstones.

    Let's just face it Jehovah is a real sicko and needs some meds for his anger issues with his creations. What would these periods of rage be classified as psychologically, I wonder?

  • maccauk

    you dont need to be patient if your waiting for the end all things have been fulfilled already in the 1st century it done finished forever

  • waton
    If Armageddon comes 1000 years from now, Jehovah would have had to wait, from his perspective, a mere 7 days to see his original purpose for the earth and mankind fulfilled. from Island Man.

    yes, on Par 7. : but even then, Wt ( "god's" mouth piece) is in such a hurry so as to put the final rebellion, Satan's resurrection and destruction, Sovereignty's final vindication inside that 7000 years, rather than after the end of the millennium. False false prophecy contradicting the bible. still in a hurry. Analize par.7!.

    To be fair, "God's" time dilation is also working the other way. For "him" a second has 50x 365 000 frames. Humans 50, flies 250. time flies and almost stops for him .

    An eternal being would not move through time at all, still be in the past, and already in the future. now that is patience.

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