Whats you favorite drink?

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  • Gadget

    I just had a really bad day at work. Apart from what you'd normally expect from a 15 hr shift, tonight vitually everything that could go wrong did. When I got home I decided to have a drink(The first since Emans barbie!!!), and now its put me in such a good mood. I'd forgotten how much I like southern comfort. I also have a bit of a weak spot for rum. What drinks do you like?


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    In the summer, nothing is better than passion fruit juice and rum. A good substitute is pineapple juice and rum. Reminds me of the Virgin Islands.

    Wintertime, a good cabernet sits very well thank you, or if it is cold a bit of warmed brandy.

  • Elsewhere

    My favorite would have to be wonderful beers... New Castle, and of course Chimay... one of the finest beers in the world. Mmmm.

    Bigtex, I recommend you try a Chimay when you get a chance.

    I also like the classic Crown (or Jack) and Coke, Seven and Seven, and mixing Jack with fruit

  • shotgun

    Hi Gadget

    If you like rum try Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum.....superb

    Right now I'm having a shot of Yukon Jack..good stuff too.

  • iiz2cool

    I like lager in summer, dark beer in winter, scotch or cognac in fall and winter. In spring I like any of these.


    Canadian District Overbeer

  • shotgun

    Walter .....I've been told you'll drink anything with alcohol content anyday of the year

  • Gadget
    My favorite would have to be wonderful beers... New Castle,

    You mean Newcastle Brown Ale? I love that stuff.

    Shotgun, the best I've had so far is Brugal Ron Superior, from my holiday in the Dominican Republic. It was so good... not much left now but. Its the same with my southern comfort. There must be a hole in the bottle, it was nearly full before.

    Gadget, staggering off to find anothe bottle.

  • iiz2cool

    You're right, I like just about anything, with the exception of gin, after shave, and anti-freeze.


  • gumby

    I have found the fountain of youth my dearest friends!

    You guys have GOT to try "chili beer" and add Clamato juice.....it's killer. I have decided to become an Alcholic from this stuff.

    For you UK people and others......you may have to make your own as I do not think it's in those countries yet.....but it should be.


  • Panda

    UMMM --- tea

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