Holiday booked today...Scared of Flying!

by ScoobySnax 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • Aztec

    Scooby, have a few shots before you load yourself on. Nothing chills you out like Jack Daniels...LOL! Be safe and have fun. I've heard Greece is beautiful.


  • ScoobySnax

    Laughing<<< you lot are un-believable!! Ifeel worse now than I did before..... I think some Diazepam is in order b4 I even step foot on the plane, that should do it.

  • teejay

    They tell me, you don't feel a thing if the plane crashes. I mean, first
    the cabin loses air pressure and that sucks your lungs right outa your chest,
    and you sorta faint. THEN you are losing altitude so fast that, by the time
    the plane hits the ground you are traveling at about ten billion miles per
    hour. PLUS you have all that luggage and those people bouncing around
    in the cabin, you will probably be knocked unconcious anyway.....massive
    contusions, abrasions, blood loss, panic, heart failure, respritory failure
    and eventually shock.

    ... just relax, shut your eyes, and it will all be over soon. Who knows?
    they might even put your picture in the paper..... And think about the burial
    expenses you could save, because your remains will be scattered for
    miles...!!!! --


    I have often wondered how people react in Airplanes when they are
    falling to their deaths. I mean the o2 comes down and if you get that on
    you will live the whole ride down, and basically from 35k feet you are
    talking about a four minute plunge. I wonder if any body just completely
    checks out of reality. I mean having four minutes to dwell on certain
    death must seem like an eternity in hell.
    -- Terry

    Man! You guys are hilarious!!

    Uh... sorry Scoob.

  • Eric


    Trying to come back into Canada through O'Hare some years ago, I had a big bag of leftover pot with me, couldn't try that through the customs, too much to smoke alone in the parking structure stairwells. Met someone in the terminal who was buying a ticket for the same flight, took them outside and smoked/ate the rest of it.

    Fooled around under a blanket most of the flight, took a trip to the back of the plane and had a few quick licks of each other in the washroom cubicle.

    The whole thing could have been coming down out of the sky, what did I care?


  • seven006

    I flew every two weeks for fourteen years on business. Toward the end of that I started to think that the odds were catching up with me and I was pushing my luck. Then I looked at the flight attendants and thought to myself, they fly two to three times a day five days a week and have never crashed. The odds are with you that nothing more than a bit of a roller coaster ride through a little turbulence is the only heart pounding event you will experience.

    If by some incredible odds you do end up in one of those rare occasions that the plane makes an unscheduled landing into the side of a mountain, before it hits, do exactly as the flight attendants tell you to do. Take a deep breath, bend down and place your head between your legs, grab your ankles and kiss your ass good-bye.

    You have as much of a chance of winning a two hundred million dollar lottery as you do crashing in a plane.

    Have a nice trip.


  • Navigator

    I haven't been to Corfu, but have logged quite a bit of time in Greece when I was in the USAF and flying C-130 transports. You will love it. I highly recommend Souflaki for a quick meal. Fried eggplant is really great for an appetizer. The wine is horrible. If the duty isn't too high, take your own. When I was there last, the shops and restaurants preferred German deutchmarks to their own currency, the drachma.

  • cruzanheart

    E-man just got back from Corfu and did a thread about it, with pictures. Scoob, hon, I'm sorry you're scared of flying! I'm scared of heights in the same way, which made the Eiffel Tower a less than pleasurable experience (but I by God did it!). If you have tranquilizers, take one before you get on the plane. You won't be able to reason yourself out of this because it is not a reasonable fear. It is, however, VERY real, so don't feel bad about it. With any luck you'll find some cute, sympathetic person to take your mind off it (go rent "French Kiss" and enjoy!).

    Lots of hugs,


  • Hamas

    Just don't take any pictures of planes when you are over there, the filthy grengo's are a bit funny about that.

    I hope you have a good time, amigo !

  • ScoobySnax

    ...Nina ..cheers hon. x

  • Brummie

    Scoob your gonna have a blast. (hmm that doesnt sound good).

    I think some Diazepam is in order

    Just carry it with you incase of emergency, an helpful tip? Insert in the back passage and it will get into your blood stream quicker. Helpful arnt I?

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