What did NOT get you out?

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  • Iamallcool

    I didn't leave the witnesses because of any doctrines. Long Story!

  • joe134cd

    I knew about the date setting and pyramids, but I kind of put it down to imperfect humans making mistakes. I didn't even realize there had been an overlapping generation change back in the 1990s. What I didn't realize was the extent and the significance of the above. Had of I, and done the research, I would of left a lot sooner than I did. It kind of up sets me that I wasted a future 15 years before I realized I had been conned.

  • tryingnow

    I think what did not prompt me to leave was the strong desire to - trust - someone I hoped knew a lot more than I did. Only when it became clear to me that my trust had been betrayed did things start to change. I am ashamed to say, that has taken the better part of 35 years. Hard to believe...


  • Magnum

    Shunning was not one of the factors that contributed to my leaving; I saw it as being scriptural.

    Nutty, dufus, ignorant, elders and ministerial servants - I'm not really sure. Well, maybe they did finally get to me some and contribute a little bit to my waking up.

    Power-hungry, glory-seeking elders - I don't think they really contributed to my leaving because I had scriptural examples of supposedly righteous men who wanted power and glory.

  • Dreamerdude

    There were several things that should have made me decide to leave.

    - an older sibling baptized and dfd at at a very young age,

    - massive hypocrisy

    - the first time I heard an insane rant by Tony Morris, live at a convention.

    The first time I listened to Tony I felt sorry for him, since he was obviously suffering from PTSD, from his experience in Vietnam. The second time I heard Tony's rant was the 2014 Annual Meeting broadcast to our KH. That made me realize the wt is managed by lunatics and panicked me into looking for the exit.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Allowing of blood fractions did not get me out. Their baffling bullshit was enough to get me to think that medical advances had come far enough that we were able to get the thing we needed without violating God's laws.

    Birthdays and holidays did not get me out.

    The "deficit at this point" announced at the Circuit Assemblies, despite my just having been to the business meeting with the elders and knowing our funds were okay, did not get me out.

    Shoddy overpriced quick-build Kingdom Halls did not get me out.

    I saw all that clearer later, but I saw it while I was in, and it didn't really get to me.

  • waton

    child rapist did not get me out, because they are not wt specific; insulting our intelligence, abusive elders did.

  • tor1500


    I'm not out as of yet....but what is making me want out is that the JW's are too narrow in this Christianity thing...too limited...you can go out in the ministry, write letters, go where the need is greater, build whatever but it's all for the org...nothing for mankind....that's why many witnesses feel they don't do enough because WE DON'T...How can one hear what is going on all over the world and not want to help in some small way....even volunteer work...

    I agree with Scratchme1010....it's about feelings of belonging....many are just there because they feel there is that word again, that it's God's org...that's the bottom line....also, some stay because they have lazy brains and the org. feeds them so they don't have to think then one day, they begin to think and so the bricks loosen...for some nothing bothers them unless it eventually bothers them...it's ok to shun or if a brother said this or that to you until it became you....

    So what did not get me out....ME.


  • oppostate

    One of the biggest triggers for me was the Mexico and Malawi GB hypocrisy.

  • Schnufti

    I was not triggered by:

    • 607/1914
    • Shunning
    • That most of my cool friends who were on the same wavelength like me left the "truth"
    • That former zealous elders and COs left the "truth"
    • Bad behaviour by elders or others in the congregation
    • Overlapping generation
    • The 2013 WT study where it says we should follow the GB no matter what they say
    • That we had to report our ministry hours with our name
    • The stance against homosexuals

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