What did NOT get you out?

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I plan on responding to the rest of you. This really is sort of a big subject for me right now, so I appreciate the time in giving me your guys thoughts.

  • BluesBrother

    1975 did not get me out ..... apostates outside the assemblies only made us feel persecuted "for The Lord's sake". Back then they had little means of communicating (pre internet) and I never heard any coherent argument.

    What did? ...the steady inexorable march of time and nothing happening. The drip drip of living with bad behaviour from dubs all around me. The first change to the "generation" scripture , mid nineties. I then faced up to a problem I had always had, the sheer morality (or not) of the Armageddon slaughter.

    I dared to think the unthinkable, "Could it all be wrong"? then the penny dropped.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Outlaw - Is that a real WT photo? I honestly don't remember that one. How paranoid can you get!

    Phizzy - So many leave later in life. Are we doomed to leave only when we are despondent and have nothing left to give the org? Feeling betrayed? Or can we (meaning others) wake up in their 20's and early 30's....still with a life to be had ahead of them! Think.......so many of the things we would have had as potential issues (Mexico/Malawai, 1975, etc...), won't even be on the radar of the kids turning 20 now. they will have never heard of it. Its all about "russian ban".

    Stillin - So you can't point to what it is that made you start actual research eh? I get that. People locally think that elders stumbled me out. Its a bit insulting, but since I am not disfellowshipped, and freely associate as i chose, that really is best for some people to assume. Assume I'm weak, since you once envisioned me strong. that way is solves the question.....well if problemaddict left, I wonder why?

    Poebe - Thanks for that. I totally get you. Your "brick" was basically a feeling that kept you safe....being ripped out. there is so much contradictory information from the branch, its staggering. You should read "scratchme's" response on page 1. I think it applies to you specifically and was well written.

    mentalclarity - I wish I could say I didn't buy it. I was young at the time of the Revelation book, but I totally bought it. 7 trumpets...and there were 7 conventions!? That totally makes sense! Haha. Thats why they get them when they're young and stupid. Before those satanists at school teach critical thinking.

    Stephanie - Wow thanks for sharing all of that. So many peoples justifications for things are the same. Blood didn't bother you, but it was my first "loose brick" in my mind that helped me see to the other side. Shunning, like some others, didn't move the needle for me, but for my wife.....it was paramount. Taking a stand against "independent research" was another. During my "exit interview" as I call it since I stopped being a servant and changed halls to fade, 5 count them FIVE elders had a meeting with me, and they brought out the ministry school article about independent study groups critiquing or studying the NWT. I told myself I would not speak during the meeting (they were baiting me.......that was the entire purpose)....but I asked.....guys why are we reading this article. I have no affiliation or knowledge of any such group. Are you just trying to paint a picture of my character to the new brothers that doesn't coalesce with the truth? How stupid do you think they and I are?" They asked me to hold my comments until the end. At the end, the 3 guys from my old hall I looked at and said you guys suck, and don't qualify to have a puppy much less shepherd the congregation. My letters on you guy are on file at the branch, so you better not screw up. (one has been removed since)

  • Crazyguy

    I was young in 1975 but what was said after and what people said at the door should of got me thinking more. Then the BS of the 1995 change to the overlapping generation teaching. I was newly married and thinking about that and trying to make a living so didn't consider the changed teaching much.

    i think most church goes are just plain mentally checked out while at the meetings so a lot of stuff just goes over ones head.

  • NoviceLocs14

    The "apawstate" tract my well-meaning stepmom (non-JW Dad's wife) slipped in my hand as I left to go back home. I threw it away as soon as I realized it wasn't a pro-JW tract. My mom was pretty pissed about it too lol... I wished I had read through the darned thing... I wouldn't have wasted so many years slaving for a BS corporation...

  • Ucantnome

    Ucant - Do you mind if I ask what that 1 thing was?

    sorry the answer vanished when I posted it

  • snugglebunny

    My mother became convinced that I had left the JW's because of the ban on oral sex Watchtower..Snugglebunny, do you realise that some men want to treat their wives like a homosexual?

    She tried really hard to get me to talk about it - imagine discussing this with your momma! Eventually I overcame it by showing her that the date I had left was some years before that dreadful WT was issued.

  • Ucantnome

    Ucant - Do you mind if I ask what that 1 thing was?

    The one thing for me related to two Watchtowers, Jan 15th, 1966 and the Feb 15th, 1994 and the scripture Matthew 24:30 and my reading Matthew 24 as a child.

    I was no longer convinced of the message that we were joining the anointed remnant in preaching and as I understood the preaching to be part of the sign of his presence I no longer could be sure of them being the anointed remnant chosen to do this work. If I had remained convinced they were, then all other things seemed insignificant.

  • Vidiot
    Anony Mous - "...none of the apostates have beards..."

    Or headbands.

    WTF??? :smirk:

  • LongHairGal


    What DIDN'T get me out of the religion?

    Getting criticized for a slit in a long skirt and having older sisters hint hint that I should wear a size larger to hide my "curves". I was a size 7-8. I was made to feel like I was an immoral temptress. What bullshit.

    Having older people with a cushy life tell me I should quit my good job and do housecleaning and these same people gossiping about me in car groups. I ignored their "advice".

    Having these people say that I "had no problems" because I was a single woman - and imagined that I should do favors for everybody. (Yeah, like hell).

    Making sure I was hardly invited anywhere because I "wasn't spiritual" because I was outspoken and not a pioneer.

    Imagining I was there to humor or pacify nut jobs who were more visible in the ministry and were in the religion more years than me.

    There's a whole lot more but these are the highlights.

    What finally DID get me out was the 1995 changed teaching on Generation.

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