The Watchtower—Study Edition | December 2021

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  • LongHairGal


    It’s not just the fact that these particular people never really wanted to be part of the workforce and are truly deadbeats, but they criticized responsible people in congregations who had careers or full-time jobs!

    I even remember some sister telling me she would ‘rather die than do what I did’. Meanwhile, I had a clean office job.

    I accept the fact that these people never approved of me and chose to exclude me from their silly gatherings..But, I will NOT now accept any of them coming up to me asking for money..They’d be told to get lost or go ask their spiritual friends..This asking for money everywhere now is very annoying but it’s intolerable coming from Witnesses because of their hatred of secular work.

    As far as the tradition that won’t die (somebody coming around with an envelope looking for $$ for JWs who barely worked):..I can’t tell other people what to do but I surely won’t tolerate this…In fact, I would certainly never go anywhere nowadays where I would be perceived as a target for anything!

  • Overrated
    Longhairgal- I was told by a " Pioneer " that I was materialistic for having a career. But he wanted deep discounts when his junket car needed repairs by me. Just unbelievable! I would help people from time to time, but some wanted a free bee. Then, I would hire some of them and they would turn out to be the most laziest workers ever, but they wanted to be paid good wages. And very flakey about attendance. I prefer to hire "Worldly " people. Less stress.

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