Notable changes of the JWs org, in the last five years or so

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  • glenster

    - Maybe it's because I'm not up on things but I thought the GB made the rules
    and the followers didn't have any say in it before. Whats the big difference

    - The Internet thing doesn't surprise me. It just had to take them a bit to
    think of a way to make money from it like literature.

    - Are they allowing flags without calling it idolatry now?

    - Whats the money grubbing? I thought the followers were kept too low on
    money to grub for it.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Image of 'Mother' (WTBTS) before the internet!

    Notable recent changes of 'Mother' (WTBTS) and the effects of being exposed on the internet!

  • glenster


    Here's another one I ran into today. Did you have this one yet?

    Rama Singh, Professor of Biology at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada,
    was quoted out of context in the Jan., 2015 "Awake!" to leave the false impres-
    sion that he supported the JWs leaders' stance to doubt evolution.

    "Rama Singh, professor of biology at Canada'a McMaster University, says:
    'The opposition to evolution goes beyond religious fundamentalism and in-
    cludes a great many people from educated sections of the population.'"

    So he wrote to the editor of "Awake!" asking for an apology.

    "So I am asking you first to remove the misquotation from your article
    immediately and second print an unconditional apology for what I consider
    is a deliberate damaging action on your part to my reputation."

    Subsequent Internet and .pdf versions removed the quote but the professor
    didn't recieve an apology.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I'm not sure what the "biggest change" is but I certainly think the GB stepping out of the shadows is definitely the most jarring. Seeing them on their own private little evangelic network is absolutely mind numbingly painful to watch. Even after I left I just assumed the GB were good and decent people who had got caught up in a religion of people following people - following other people - following other people - so that by the time they got to be GB members they would feel trapped and try to rationalize that they MUST be divinely inspired even if they didn't really feel that way.

    Boy was I wrong.

    Call me naive, but I was - and still am - genuinely shocked at how arrogant, condescending, and insincere the members of the GB come off as being. For people who have spent their whole lives giving public talks and proselytizing you'd think they be a little more charming and whole lot more polished.

    Every congregation has 'that one elder' who has no business being an elder - that one elder that doesn't seem to care about people and is constantly putting their foot in their mouth all the time. I guess I just didn't expect that to be a prerequisite for the being a member of the GB.

  • smiddy

    The dumbing down of the religions publications .

    The idolatrous aspect of JW.ORG

    The constant begging for money.

    Exulting the G.B.members to the " Faithful Discreet Slave Class"

    Embracing the Internet

    Embracing TV Evangelism

    Vin Toole , G. Jackson , caught out lying under oath at the A.R.C ,( yet to see if any charges are laid against them.)


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Also throw in there noticeable cut backs on WT's and Awakes

    (to now have the number of WT's and Awakes slashed in half if I'm not mistaken)

  • glenster
    Is there a link to a video of the GB? I'd like to see that. It sounds weird.
  • talesin

    This one reminds me of Dr. Feel ,, erm, I mean Dr. Phil.

    (the volume is low, but this guy slays me!)

    And this guy, pushing child baptism,

  • smiddy

    Thank`s talesin for those clips . My mind boggles when I see Lett on the screen , I mean to say cant these other G.B.members see what a liability he is to the organization ? He is not only a joke , he is an embarrassment to the organization .( So in that case keep him on , maybe more people will wake up )

    And Morris trying to get younger ones to be baptized , knowing full well that once baptized they are emotionally blackmailed to the organization , shame on him .


  • glenster

    Thanks! Should I interpret the first guy as savvy (to be allowed in the GB) but condescending?

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