I saw my mother today for the first time in three years

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    my 43 year old son is in a very similar situation.

    he was a born in--his mother was a born in..her mother was a born in..her mothers mother was a rutherfordist convert.

    my son was d/f about 11 years back. i hadnt seen him for 25 years. i was able to find him through facebook and we slowly established online communications. we met up about a year later.

    after a time we got chatting--and he told me he had disassociated a while before he was d/f . he felt the religion was not for him--no need of it in his life. he had got divorced from a seriously deranged Jw wife he had married at 20. (like father like son ). he now had a new lady in his life. ( they got married in 2013--and i attended their wedding. his mother didnt--i doubt she was invited.)

    his holier than thou jw mother totally shuns him. she has never even seen their little boy--a delightful scallywag who has now started school.

    what did my son do to deserve this treatment from his mother ? murder people ? rob banks ? fiddle with kids ? take drugs ? no--he simply left thr religion his mother brought him up into--like she had been.

    my son has a successful business--a lovely wife and child ( plus 2 kids from his first wife --now in their teens--and not in contact with their dad ) a lovely home in the New Forest UK.

    oh--and his dad.

    the Watchtower society---busy wrecking families since 1870.

  • zeb

    Ever since i read of these damned shunning episodes of grandparents to grand kids I have made it my will to be part of my grand kids lives and i stress that is NOT to interfere but remember them with gifts, emails and letters including birthdays and Christmas time.

    I can not imagine denying my grand-kids over some fool disagreement with their mums and dads. My heart bleeds for you all that have this situation and SLD just said,

    "the Watchtower society---busy wrecking families since 1870."

  • WingCommander

    Next time, go out of your way to avoid the old bag. No need to expose your daughter to her level of toxic bullshit.

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